Friday, July 17, 2009

Ice Cream Man

We managed to catch the ice cream truck. It was actually not our normal guy, so they SLOWED DOWN when they saw us racing like wild animals after them.

Celebrating Heather's Birthday

Birthdays are always fun in our family. We all went over my sister's house and just hung out to celebrate her daughter's birthday. Brookelyn and Sasha are with their cousin, Amaya, who they don't get to see very often. She is really, really sweet and Brookelyn loves her.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The pictures look blurry because Sasha got ahold of the camera the day before and got sunscreen on it.

Brayden's Swim meet

My sisters and their kids went to watch Brayden swim in one of his swim meets, which was great. We hung out and played games between heats. Brayden is a really good swimmer, he won two of his four races. Afterwards he went to spent the rest of the day with them at a local water park and then they all came over to our house for dinner. Great day!

Sleepover at Grandma's

My nephew spent a few days with us and Brayden had a great time with him. I don't think he realizes how much younger he is than most of the kids. A few of them spent one night at my mom's house, which they loved. They slept in the atruim in her house. It was Brayden's first sleepover away from us and I didn't really like it. He did, though!

More pictures from parade

More Grandma's house

Brayden loves being with people. He loves doing anything and being with anyone, but he especially loves his cousins. He spent the day playing with them and took a short nap during the fireworks. He woke up right after they were over and was very upset when we had to leave soon afterwards.

Grandma's House

We always go to my mom's house after the parade, spend the day swimming and eating, and then watch the fireworks from her driveway. It is perfect since we have young kids.


We went to our local parade with my sister and her family and a family friend of ours from Michigan and her kids. We go every year and it is always fun.

Fourth of July 2009