Sunday, March 28, 2010

Girls Weekend

One of Ray's friends from high school has a son who is only a few hours older than Brayden. The guys decided to bring the boys to Utah to spend four days skiing. They had a great time and the boys turned out to be really good skiiers. Brayden is a really good athlete. He has a ton of energy, is very co-ordinated, has no fear, gives 150% and wants to do whatever physical activity anyone will do with him. The girls and I had a nice time together. Saturday we went to get the girls hair cut, to lunch, shopping for clothes, and then to the library. They love getting their hair cut so that was fun. Sasha wants her hair to be long so I only had her bangs cut. Brookelyn needed her hair trimmed and bangs cut. I brought them shopping because they are both very opinionated about what they will wear. Brookelyn doesn't like anything with long sleeves. Both girls like sleeveless dresses. The shopping was pretty fun, but they were tired of it before I was. Lunch was fine. Brookelyn had asked to go to the library, so even though I thought we should go home, she still wanted to go. I had a vision of me reading a book while they looked at pictures in books. That wasn't how it turned out. Brookelyn kept taking books from one area to another and refiling them. Sasha took off her shoes and layed down right where people lined up to check out their books. I had grabbed a bunch of books for the kids and for me and was waiting in line. I kept trying to get Beookelyn to stop climbing up on the shelves and to get Sasha off the floor. I was pretty tired when we got home and we all happily took a nap together. The girls dressed themselves that day.

More playground pics

Nearby Playground

We had a couple of hours before we had to be at Brayden's baseball game after we left the aquarium, so I brought the kids to a local park down in San Diego.

More Aquarium Pictures

More Aquarium Pictures


I took the kids down to an aquarium in San Diego last week. It was pretty empty, which was great. We spent a lot of time looking at the tanks full of fish and then touching the sea life in the outside area. We spent a lot of time in the outside area playing with boats. We also made a video about taking care of our oceans. We made the video and then sat outside the room and watched ourselves

More pics of playground

I took this picture of Sasha's shoes because this is how I often find them. She is constantly taking her shoes off. She would rather be barefoot or wear sandals than other shoes.

Playground by baseball field

Brayden is on a baseball team again this year, so the girls and I spend a lot of time at the field and a playground right next to the field. We spend two and a half hours there twice a week. Luckily, it is a nice playground, so the girls are happy. It gets pretty old by the end of the time for me, but all three kids love it.

St. Patrick's Day

Here are a couple of things the kids made for St. Patrick's Day.

Common V@#sion

We had a group come out from Common V@#sion to teach the students at our school. Eighteen eco-educators taught our kids and staff the importance of planting fruit trees. They held a performance for all of our elementary students and then broke off into different groups and planted fifteen trees with the students. They took a lot of time teaching the students about how to plant trees and how to take care of the tree after it is planted. This group travels around California in buses fueled by vegetable oil. We really enjoyed it and the students learned a lot.

More bowling pictures

Bowling with Family

My sister, Jenny, invited us to bowl with her family to celebrate Brayden's birthday. My mom went too. We always have a hard time getting us all together to celebrate birthdays with our kids being involved in sports and other things. We had a great time! We stayed for two hours and all of us had fun! We went in the evening so there was loud music and fun lights. I haven't been bowling in years and we've never brought our little kids.