Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is a fun fountain/piece of art that the kids play aound by. There are two of these facing eachother. The face on the wall changes every so often.

Chicago Trip

I flew out to Chicago with Dakota to get her settled into her new college. I forgot how amazing of a city Chicago is. The pictures didn't turn out very well, though. Ray flew out a couple of days later and spent two days there with us. My sister and her girls watched my other kids while we were gone. My kids had a great time with them.

W*ld Rivers

We went to a local water park to celebrate my nephew's birthday. We all had a great time. I bought summer passes for Brayden and I and we had gone a few times in the last couple of months. He is a really good swimmer, so I didn't have to worry too much. We always went with cousins so he had kids to swim with. This time there were a ton of older kids to help me with the girls and they all had a great time. Brookelyn went down a slide on an inner tube by herself several times and loved it.

Aquarium Pics


Aquarium August 22nd

We went to an aquarium in San Diego and loved it. Colton was the one who wanted to go and I am glad he did. We spent several hours there and we wound up getting a family membership.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

San Diego

Vacation to San DIego

I took all five kids with me to spend a couple in San Diego. It was a little tricky making it "fun" for all of them since the younger three took turns being hard. We went to S*a World the first day and then went back to the hotel after dinner. I was able to get a very nice hotel for a great price. The good thing was that it was just a few minutes away from S*a World and it had a couple of pools with slides for little kids. The problem was that it didn't have a different pool for adults, so that meant the older kids couldn't really swim.

Waiting for Brayden

We were waiting for Brayden while he was at a basketball game one Sunday morning. I had to take the girls outside because they wouldn't stay off the court. They had fun and were able to get amazingly dirty in a very short time.

Sister Silliness in July

Brayden's Swim Meet and Soccer Week

We had a full summer with swim practice for Brayden four days a week, swim lessons for Brookelyn four days a week, jumpstart to kindergarten for Brayden five full days a week, soccer week and trying to visit several colleges with Colton. REALLY, REALLY BUSY SUMMER. Brayden was the only five year old to be invited to the Swim Finals, which is amazing since he couldn't swim more than twenty feet on his own when he started on the team.

Swim Lessons