Friday, April 16, 2010

Art Show

Brookelyn's preschool class has been studying art this month and at the end of it held an art show. It was a couple of hours after we got back from our whale watching trip. The kids learned a lot about the different artists and their art.

Hockey Game

We went to a hockey game to celebrate my niece's birthday (twins). We gathered for a tailgate party and then had a great time at the game. We ate everything possible-peanuts, popcorn, and candy.

Whale Watching/Tide Pools

Whale Watching

Brayden's class went whale watching. The weather was perfect and we saw several whales and a lot of dolphins. We enjoyed lunch by the beach and then went to see the tidepools. We found a lot of sea stars, sea anemone, and other marine life. Very fun.

Ballet Performance

Brookelyn's First Ballet Performance