Monday, September 12, 2011

Brookelyn Finished Pink Level! Feb 2011

Brookelyn finished Pink Level, which is part of her school's language program. It took a lot of time and effort, so it was a really big deal. We celebrated by going to Chick's place that evening, which she had chosen. Great job, Brooklyn!

Sasha's Haircut

I am always very careful about making sure to keep all scissors put away. I knew that someone would give themselves a hair cut if they were left out. Not a question of if they would cut their hair, but when they would cut it. Sasha had been talking about wanting no bangs so she could look like Mommy. I had been explaining to her that she had to let bangs grow until they were long, but she didn't understand. Brayden set the scissors down after cutting a tag off of his shirt and within seconds they were gone. And so was Sasha. When she saw me running into the bathroom, she hurried up to finish her haircut. She had cut her bangs so short that I couldn't even tell she had cut them until I looked closely. I was upset that she had gotten ahold of the scissors since she was up on a wet step step stool and she could have fallen and hurt herself. I had to go to an appointment in the morning, so I had to drop her off at school for awhile before I could pick her up and bring her to get her hair fixed. Her teachers thought she looked like a little rockstar with that haircut. The lady who fixed it did a great job. It took a few months before her bangs grew back. Sasha is funny, she refused to talk about it. If someone brought up her hair, Sasha would ignore them or change the subject.

Yogurt Silliness

Brookelyn and Jesi

Jesi is not only a super sweet, great cousin--she is great at doing hair too!

Brayden's Baseball Team-Diamondbacks

A few of Colton's Pictures From Sea World

Reading to the Dogs at the Library

Brayden's 7th Birthday-February 20, 2011

San Di#go Zoo

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A fun day at the Zoo.

Brayden's Field Trip to Ocean Institute-Feb 2011

Cute kids-February 2011

All three started out in their own beds, but somehow wound up coming into our room in the middle of the night. Like they do almost every single night. Lucky they are so cute!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our New Daughter!

We decided to adopt a little girl from China!! She is adorable! We sent in our letter of intent on January 14, 2011! Our dossier has been logged into China since February of 2007. We used a lot of the paperwork for Sasha's adoption, so we will have to do a ton of paperwork. I have already contacted our the home study agency we worked with in the past and set up our first meeting. They will be sending the paperwork for me to start filling out as well. We are nervous and excited at the same time! Lei is nine years old, lives in an an orphanage in Hangzhou, which is near Shanghai, and is beautiful!

Sleeping Kids

All three started out in their own bedrooms, but came in sometime during the night. Pretty much the same story every night. Very lucky they are so cute!

Girls Weekend

Ray and Brayden spent a weekend skiing, so it was just the girls and I at the house. We went to a couple of birthday parties, went to an event with snow and had our nails done. Fun weekend.