Friday, July 6, 2007

We have our referral!!!

I had been thinking we might get our referral mid July, though I had heard rumors of babies being available earlier. I was so excited that it was finally July because I knew referrals for some families would be coming soon. I was laying on the couch trying to figure out if we should go the the park or have the kids play in the backyard when the phone rang. I knew immediately it was THE CALL. I stood up and looked at the clock and thought, "At 6:52 pm we are hearing about our baby for the first time." Jenny asked me if I was by my computer and said she wasemailing my baby's information and pictures to me. I ran to the computer and pulled up my email and saw the email from her. I opened it enough to see her first name and that there were pictures and told her we had it. My husband and I drove to his office so we could print the pictures in color on his brand new printer. I was so excited/overwhelmed/emotional that I couldn't speak in full sentences for an hour or so. WOW! Our baby! They sent us eight pictures, which was great so we could really get a sense of what she looks like. None of them are labeled so we don't know how old she is in them. She has big eyes and is smiling in a couple of them. She is so pretty and looks so sweet! Her pants are torn in the pictures so they are obviously well worn. But her eyes look bright and alert and she looks happy. Now I want to hold her! We were told ten weeks before travel, which means late August to mid September. I am going to have to make myself a long list of things to do to keep busy between now and then so I don't go crazy waiting!
I am posting a picture of her, or rather part of a picture. For those of you who are adopting, you know it is because the chid is not really mine until we get to VietNam and have our G & R. So until it's official, I'll just post this. Once we get to VietNam I will post many pictures of her!


spj said...

I am so happy for your family and can't wait until we ge the call. Please keep the posts coming.........

Vietnam Baby Girl Smith said... exciting! I just found your blog and am excited about following the rest or your journey!