Thursday, December 20, 2007

Brayden and Brookelyn's Holiday Programs

Brayden and Brookelyn had their holiday programs at school and they were very cute. Brayden stood there and did everything he was supposed to do except sing. When we tried to tell him too from our seats he just shook his head and stood there. Last year he had his fingers in his mouth the entire program and didn't sing a word either, so this was a step up. It was a cute show and fun for all of us to see. Brookelyn's holiday program was cute too. She didn't sing, but she enjoyed doing all of the hand motions to the songs and danced when she was supposed to. I looked around and noticed that none of the children were singing, which makes sense since they are all only two years old. It was very sweet. Brookelyn stood next to her best friend the whole time. I introduced myself to her best friend's parents and found out that we were in the hospital delivering our girls at the same time and had even had the same doctor! I knew the girls shared a birthday, but I can't believe they had so much in common! Her mother remembers me from the lactation clinic at the hospital. Great memory! Sasha enjoyed both programs as well as the one we went to for my nieces. My couldn't find the compact flash for Brayden's night and had to use a backup camera so we don't have many pictures and on Brookelyn's night the camera ran out of batteries. By the time we came home and recharged it she was done smiling for pictures. Oh well, I did get a few.

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