Saturday, September 19, 2009

July 29 Swim Lessons for Brookelyn

I signed Brookelyn up for a month of swim lessons. Four days a week. We usually got there a little early so Brookelyn and Sasha could swim in the baby pool until Brookelyn's lesson. Brayden swam in the big pool or did laps in the pool Brookelyn took her lessons in. When he was in the big pool he spent most of the time jumping off of the diving board. He learned how to do a forward flip and woud do it again and again. He has no fear. Brookelyn's best friend, Savannah took lessons at the same time, which was great. The girls loved seeing eachother so much! Poor Sasha wanted to be in the group of kids getting the lessons, but it was for three and four year olds. Next year she I'll put her in too. Sasha spent a lot of time during the lessons standing by the kids waiting to be invited.

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