Saturday, January 29, 2011

At the cabin

The cabin was by Ray's grandfather and is pretty rustic. We actually only spent one night sleeping at the cabin. The first couple of nights we slept at a lodge up the road. I was nervous about having three little kids spend the night in a place that isn't at all child proofed. I liked staying at the lodge. The rooms are very basic, I don't even think there are phones in the rooms. But it was clean and we could lock the doors and know the kids were right next to us and safe. We would get up early in the morning and head over to the cabin to spend the day. We would only head back to the lodge when it was time for bed. Ray really wanted us to stay at the cabin, so on the last night I said okay. It was awful. There is one large room upstairs with a bunch of beds. I slept on the outside of one of the beds so Sasha wouldn't fall off. The stairs are really steep and hard, so I worried about one of them falling down them. All of the beds are pretty close to the stairs. Brayden suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and started heading right for the stairs! I jumped up and grabbed him, put him back into bed and then slept on the outside of that bed. A couple of hours later Sasha woke up and started for the stairs. It was crazy and exhausting. Oh, and even though it was August, it was FREEZING at night. Even Ray, who can sleep through anything hardly slept that night. After that night, he understood why I had insisted on us staying at the lodge. Where we will be staying when we visit until the kids get older.
The cabin is right on the American River and the back deck looks over it. I love the sound of it. It was very relaxing to stay at the cabin before the little kids were born. I loved spending hours reading while listening to the river in the background. This time was fun, but not relaxing. You can see in the picture of Sasha how rustic the kitchen is. In the last picture Brookelyn is standing on the back porch and you can see the river behind her. We are really close to the river. The kids loved every minute of every day we were there.

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