Friday, June 29, 2007

Thursday, June 28th

This waiting is hard. I check my email constantly, even though I know that referrals aren’t supposed to be coming out until July. But what if I didn’t check and I missed seeing it? Or what if I didn’t answer my phone for that one call and the agency person decided to call back tomorrow instead of trying again? So I check my email and my phone. Constantly.
The last couple of days I have had sudden flashes of dread that this won’t happen at all. We have all heard stories of adoptions that fell through. What if it happens to me? I really won’t know after I get a referral or after I wait and finally get a travel date. I don’t think I will ever really think I will know it is for real until after I walk into our house with our baby girl. So the rollercoaster ride of adoptions goes on and on.
I have bought her a crib set from Kids Pottery Barn. We will be using Brayden’s dark brown crib and dresser set. They are in great condition. I have to work on getting him a new bedroom set. He wants a red bunk bed. I like Pottery Barn stuff so I think I will order it from there. The crib set for the baby’s room has light pink, dark pink, light pink and light blue in it. I am planning on painting the room a light green. It’s a small room (9 x 9, I think) but it has hardwood floors and four windows so it will be nice. I am looking forward to actually doing something instead of sitting around waiting.

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Anonymous said...

Waiting is really hard. i totally understand.

We are now waiting for our travel dates and this part is about to make me a crazy lady.

Hang in there!

charisa said...

I like the name Sasha, just my 2 cents.
PS- I hate waiting too.

Michelle and Peter said...

I am not at the waiting stage yet I am wrapping up the paper chase. I hope you guys all get your referrals soon so I can live through you for a while : )