Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Waiting Game

Well, we are in the waiting stage before we get our referral. Our completed paperwork was sent to our agency's office on May 12th and we started our wait. We were told that it would be a 0-60 day wait once our paperwork was sent to the Adoption Office in VietNam. It seemed so chaotic gathering all of the paperwork and trying to figure out how to get all of it done exactly right so there would not be any problems later. There was less paperwork to do than for an adoption for China and it only took a couple of months once we got started. The hard part was deciding what agency we should go with. I looked around and did some research for about a month and had it narrowed down to two. I finally decided which one to go with and wrote the check. For some reason I just didn't want to mail it yet. After a week I realized there must be a reason I didn't want to go with that agency and decided the other one was the right one for us. I love the agency we wound up with and have only good things to say about them. I thought that once our paperwork was in I would be able to relax and let things happen at their own pace. I think that worked for a while. Maybe a day or two. Okay, maybe a half hour. Waiting patiently is not part of my personality. So the day I checked with FedEx and was sure that my paperwork had arrived at my ageny's office I was ready and waiting for our referral. As I said that was May 12th. Since then I have spent more time on the internet "actively waiting" for our referral than you can imagine. I am hoping we hear something soon...there have been rumours that many babies will be "paper ready" in early to mid-July. We don't know how many babies or if we will be one of the lucky families to get one as our referral, but it gives us some hope. In the meantime I read my emails from other familes with our adoption agency and read their blogs. My sixteen year old daughter just set this blog up for us so now I can keep busy with this. Thanks, Dakota! I am posting pictures of my little ones, who certainly keep me busy! Brayden is three and Brookelyn is 19 months.

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