Sunday, November 4, 2007


We had another great Halloween celebrating with my sister and her family who live close by. We went to a Halloween parade at the kid's Montessori school in the morning (I realized it was the 12th one I've been to there). Sasha was a Charger's cheerleader. That night we went over to my sister's neighborhood to trick or treat. It was the first year my son, Colton, chose to spend it with friends instead of going out with us. Dakota will be off at college next year so we were glad she came. My sister, her husband, and their three girls went out with Ray, Dakota (in gorilla mask), Brayden, Brookelyn, Sasha and I. In the evening Sasha wore a bunny outfit which was much warmer. She is so easygoing and happy. She was great all day and night!

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Kim and Rich said...


The kids are so cute in all their costumes. I especially like Sasha's Chargers Cheerleader outfit.

Talk to you soon.