Friday, November 30, 2007

Time is racing by

I looked at my last blog entry and cannot believe so much time has gone by since I wrote last. Sasha went through about a week of hardly eating or drinking anything. She would take two or three ounces at each feeding and hardly ate any food. It was actually getting to be upsetting. She was still active and happy and looked great, but I was worried. I didn't take her to the doctor because I know she would have just said that she looks fine and I should just kep an eye on her and bring her back if it goes on for much longer. It's just that Sasha has not one ounce of chub on her. Also, she may have some of her birth mother's immunities for a while, but since they weren't immunities to this country, I don't know if it helps her much. So I was worried and didn't sleep well for several nights. After about almost a week she went back to taking six ounce bottles and eating again. Yeah! She got her first tooth (bottom left side) two days ago so that very well may have had something to do with her not being hungry. Since her tooth came through she has been eating more and drinking more formula. She has also been waking up two times a night to drink a full bottle instead of once a night when she used to drink only a few ounces. I want her to put on some weight so I am getting up with her, but I know pretty soon I am going to have to wean her off of the middle of the night feedings because I am soooo tired. She usually goes right back to sleep after she takes her bottle, but Brayden wakes up every night too and I have to put him back into his room and stay by his bed for a few minutes until he falls back asleep. Not easy for me since I love my sleep.
Sasha continues to amaze me with her sweetness and happiness. All I have to do is smile at her and she laughs or makes a laughing like sound. Unless I put her down or walk away from her which really upsets her. I have been putting her in her walker with cheerios on the tray and she will race around following me wherever I go in the downstairs. If I have to leave the room for any reason she gets upset, even if she is following me in her walker. I get more done if I use the walker, but am constantly stepping and cushing cheerios and then vacuuming them up. She also likes to eat bread, avocados, chicken, turkey, pasta...anything we eat practically.

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