Friday, January 11, 2008

A day with Owen

Sasha, Brookelyn and I drove down and spent a few hours with Owen, his mommy and grandmother yesterday. It was really fun. Owen is so sweet! He has a very calm, sweet disposition and seemed to take everything in stride. Brookelyn loved playing with all of Owen's toys and Sasha had fun as long as Mommy was around. Brookelyn stared at Aunt Kim when she was eating until she was offered some of her food and then proceeded to eat everything she was offered. Sasha has never really liked baby food and usually acted like she was going to gag when I gave her any. I had pretty much stopped giving her baby food and switched her to table food, which she eats very well. She eats small bites of chicken, turkey, cheese, bread, avocado, peas, beans...she has a big appetite. But when Aunt Kim added the secret ingredient of smashed unsalted crackers to the baby food, Sasha couldn't get enough. And Brookelyn stood there and got her share too. It was as if my girls had never eaten before!
Owen is huge next to Sasha. He is only a little smaller than Brookelyn and may be heavier than she is! Sasha has a doctor appointment next week to get immunizations and to see how she is doing. I am very curious to see how much she weighs!

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Kim and Rich said...


Sasha is such a happy baby! Thank you for coming to visit us in San Diego. Owen enjoyed the visit a lot. We hope to come visit you and your family after the new baby is born.

See you soon!