Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New things

Sasha has been doing a lot of new things the last few weeks. She learned how to climb up our stairs a couple of weeks ago and we cannot keep her from them if she sees them. She gets up them quickly and with no problem. She stops every step or two to make sure I am right behind her. About two weeks ago I looked over at her while I was getting dinner ready. She was supposed to be sitting in her walker snacking on pieces of cheese. Instead she was precariously balanced across the small, low table we have for Brayden and Brookelyn. Most of her body was on the table and she only had one foot balancing her on the walker. She had grabbed one half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I put her back in the walker hoping to use it for five more minutes before I retired it back into the garage since she was clearly too old for it now. In the amount of time it took me to rinse my hands in the sink and stir whatever was on the stove, she got completely out of the walker and was sitting next to the kid's table. I couldn't believe it! She is very co ordinated.
She has let go of the couch or whatever she is holding onto a few times over the last couple of months and stood on her own. This weekend though, she did it again and again. She did it several times for about 13 seconds before lowering herself down to the ground. She won't do it if we try to get her to stand up though.
We went to the nail salon I used to go to before I went to Vietnam and said hello to some of the ladies who work there. I haven't been there since a couple of weeks before I left. I had brought in some of the referral pictures we had of Sasha over the months and asked advice about airlines, what to bring, what clothes to pack...I had meant to go back and show them Sasha after we got home, but just had never gotten around to it. The women were really excited to see her and spoke Vietnamese to her. Sasha smiled at all of them and even let one woman hold her for a few minutes. I would love to start getting my nails done again but I just don't know when I would find the time. It actually became too stressful before to get my nails done so it was nice to drop it for awhile. I used to really enjoy sitting and reading dumb magazines while I had my nails done...Anyway, one of the women I went to wasn't there so I said we would come back tomorrow to see her. They said they had been wondering when I was going to bring Sasha in. One of them told me about a place where Sasha can take free classes to speak Vietnamese when she gets older. It was nice seeing how much they liked seeing her. Sasha got a lot of attention.

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Anonymous said...

Arg! Time to get velcro on their tushes to keep them in the chair and on the stairs!

Cool news about the classes.