Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brayden's 4th Birthday

Brayden had a great 4th birthday. We spent the day at home and then had cake and presents after dinner. He got a red bike with training wheels as well as a real drum set. We put the drum set in the garage which we finished off so the kids could use it. Brayden sets up the several play drums we have every day and plays with them so we knew he would like a real set. We drove up to Northern California and spent the weekend at Ray's mom's house. We went on a train ride from Martinez to Sacramento and went to lunch and the train museum. It as a fun day even though it was a little cold and rainy. We also went to a birthday party of one of Brayden's buddies who had turned four the day before him. Some of Ray's friends threw a party in Sasha's honor so they could all meet her. It was really nice.
It was a really nice weekend. The kids did a great job handling being in the car for so long and behaved well at their grandma's house. The nights were pretty easy considering all of them were sleeping in someone else's house. They had fun watching Disney movies with Grandma and spending time with her.
We were able to see our friends who had been in Vietnam when we traveled there. They met Sasha the first evening we got her. They hadn't seen her since and were happy to see her.
Here are pictures of our weekend as well as pictures of Sasha at home. She is ten months old now and just adorable!

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Gagan said...

I love the people who take extremely goo care of their children, and I am happy that you guys are one of them. Your son is very sweet, but My God! Sasha is so pretty! She sure is gonna make you proud one day, that's for sure! Godd Luck to both of you! And God Bless!