Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Grammy Awards

Ray and I were able to go to the Grammy Awards again this year. I think it is the sixth year we have gone. My sister's girls spent the night the night before and as soon as they were picked up I raced off to get my hair done. The lady I usually go to every five months or so wasn't available so I made an appointment with someone new. I really wanted to get it done the day of the awards not the day before. It is a little tricky since they are always held on Sunday. Anyway, when I got to the salon they told me the woman who would be doing my hair was running late. I had been hoping to have a calm day and leave in a somewhat organized manner, but that didn't happen. It took the woman over three hours to highlight and blowdry my hair! We had to leave the house by 3:00 pm so we could make it to the Staples Center by 4:45 which is when they shut the doors. You can get in at the first break they have for commercials but we really wanted to be there on time. I finally made it home at 2:45 and I came in to the house to see our babysitter (one of Brayden's old teachers) holding Brookelyn and Sasha, who were both only wearing their diapers and both crying. I took Sasha from her and let her take care of Brookelyn. I put my dress and shoes on while holding Sasha and then raced around for the next ten minutes getting things ready to go. I got Brookelyn and Brayden calmed down and occupied and knew Sasha would cry once I handed her over for a couple of minutes before she calmed down. We raced up to LA and somehow made it there in time. I sat down just as they started lowering the lights. Perfect! We both really enjoyed the show. We went to the after party after the show was over and met some nice people during dinner. One of the couple's were parents of the lead guitarist in the band Plain White T's. We had dinner and then met our friends over at a private party for Berry Gordy. When we walked in Berry Gordy, Lionel Ritchie, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder were up on the stage making speeches. It was a pretty small room, which was neat. We were able to meet, shake hands with, and talk to Evander Holyfield before we left for the Jazz room. We didn't stay there long before we were all ready to go home. We got home about 2:00 am. It was a great night-one of the best times we've had there. They took this picture right after we got to the after party. Not really a good picture of either of us, but we always forget to take a picture of ourselves together when we get dressed up.

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Michelle said...

That's so cool! What a fun night! And your hair looks FABULOUS. :) So glad to hear you had a great night!!!

Michelle Z