Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We have the internet working again!!!

Our internet service has been really bad for months. Most of the house is wireless, but has this neat trick of just dropping us constantly. I have to race through emails so I can send them out before my internet service goes out. Last week my husband "fixed" it. Since then we haven't been able to get on the internet at all. I had to use my kids computers (hardwired)to check my email every so often. Anyway, after several attempts, my husband really fixed it. YEAH!
What has been new? Sasha is doing great. She started learning how to sing the other night. I was sitting on the bathroom floor with Sasha in my lap trying to think of ways to keep Brookelyn on the toilet. We just started working on poty training with her. She usually sits there for a minute or two and is ready to get up. I was distracting her by singing as many fun songs as I could think of. It worked. We were in there for quite a while singing. Sasha usually rocks from side to side when I sing or she hears other music, but she actually started singing with us! It was really cute. She wasn't singing words, since she only knows "Momma," but she was singing something close to it. She did it again yesterday too. Luckily she even did it when I went to record it with my camcorder.
She has been able to feed herself with a fork the last month or so, but has started to like making dings in the table with the fork more than using it to get food to her mouth. She is now eating with a plastic fork. She likes to color with crayons too. She is really good at holding the crayon or pen. She started doing it because Brayden and Brookelyn draw or color a lot. She likes to get in and do whatever they are doing. She also just learned how to point in the last few days. She will point to whatever she wants or if she wants us to carry her someplace. She just added a whining sound to it a couple of days ago. Luckily it is a quiet whine and she doesn't do it often. She had kissed us every now and then in the past, but she really gets it now. She really just puts her mouth against our face, but we are counting it. She does it to us and her dolls or stuffed animals. Very cute.
Today we went and spent a couple of hours with her friend, Owen, and his family. It was the first time we saw Owen's little brother, Dash, who is adorable! It was pretty surprising seeing how big Owen has gotten. I think he is only a couple of weeks older than Sasha, but he is 27 pounds compared to her 16. Luckily, he is very sweet and was very soft with her.
Brookelyn's class had an Open House tonight. She and I went to it and had a really nice time. She showed me a lot of the work in her classroom. It was fun to spend time with just the two of us. She is in a real Mommy Stage lately. She only wants Mommy for most things lately. It's actually fine with me and usually I can do whatever it is she wants me to do. I know it is just a stage. Occasionally I have had both Brookelyn and Sasha wanting me to only hold them, but usually I can get away with distracting one of them. I am big on the distraction technique. I would love to reason with Brookelyn, but I can't right now. She's two. The tantrums have begun.
Thank you for the birthday present, Aunt Kim! All of the little ones love it!

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Welcome back.
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