Saturday, May 31, 2008

They aren't hives

So Sasha and I had a rough day today. She looked pretty bad when she woke up today and then proceeded to look worse and worse as the day went on. When I went to pick up Brayden and Brookelyn in the afternoon, she looked horrible. The doctor had told me it might get worse, but was really getting worried. I was worn out from being worried all day and making sure her breathing was still fine, she was eating, wetting diapers, acting normal...When got to the school I had a lot of parents give me shocked looks as I walked by carrying Sasha. By then almost her entire face was covered with what looks like a port wine stain. Instead of individual bumps, there were really big splotches of raised red areas all over her body. Actually, some were small and some were large. She was feeling warmer to me, so I knew she had a fever. I hadn't checked it before we left because she hadn't felt warm then. Luckily, the doctor had given me her direct number so I called and left a message and she called back within a couple of minutes. I tried to describe it over the phone but she could tell I wanted to come in. I just wanted her to look at her since it had gotten so much worse and the Benadryl didn't do anything to it. It turns out that it isn't hives. I can't remember the name of what she has, but basically it is a hypersensitive reaction to the medicine she had been taking or to a virus she had been exposed to. It means that she is going to probably have these big red blotches (that itch) spread everywhere on her body, they will change in color and turn a little bluish, black in the middle, and then start to clear up. It will probably take a week or so and she will not be feeling great and will have a slight fever. The good news (and I really needed to hear good news by that point) was that it will NOT affect her breathing, so I don't have to worry about that, and they will not leave scars. Both very good things. Also, it is not contagious. It was all pretty overwhelming since she is just such a little thing and really looks so bad. I wanted to go home and try to relax, but we were all hungry and Brookelyn and Brayden were starting to fall apart. We quickly went to a casual restaurant before anyone melted down. We got such shocked or surprised looks from everyone who saw us. I wish I had a sign saying, "Don't worry, it's not contagious." Instead we just pretended not to notice.
I gave her a bath and put her to bed pretty quickly after we got home. She was exhausted. She keeps stirring in her sleep, which she usually doesn't do. Poor thing! I have to say, when the doctor said that I didn't have to worry about her breathing since it wasn't an allergic reaction, I felt somewhere between almost throwing up and starting to sob from relief. It was such a physical reaction that it surprised me. There are welts or swelling around both eyes so she just looks so bad. I will say, her appetite was fine at dinner and she was determined to have her share when Brayden and Brookelyn each had a small bowl of ice cream after dinner, so she isn't doing that badly.

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krisgo2 said...

I hope Sasha is doing better. It is amazing the different skin related conditions the babies seem to have. Sadie has so many little skin problems.

I enjoy reading your blog...Sasha is such a cutie.