Saturday, June 21, 2008

We are all healthy again!

What a crazy few weeks we just had! Sasha had a double ear infection and was on antibiotics and then a few days later Brayden had a high fever for four days straight. Two days after Bradyen got better, Sasha came down with the severe reaction to either the antibiotics or the virus Brayden must have had. It was a really scarey experience with her. At first the doctor thought it was a reaction to the amoxicillan, but as the reaction became more severe and covered her entire body, she said it was actually something else. The great thing about that was that there was no concern then about her breathing being impaired. The really bad thing was that giving her benadryl wouldn't help with the itching or appearance. There were welts all over her and she swelled up a lot for a few days. Her hands, feet, arms, legs, and face were really swollen. She actually looked like a chubby baby. She didn't look like Sasha at all for a few days. It was pretty shocking to look at her and upsetting that we couldn't do anything to help her get better. I did give her benadryl a few times just in case it helped even a little. I do know it zoned her out a little, which was great because otherwise she was constantly trying to scratch herself We had to keep her completely covered and her nails short. She actually looked like she had been badly burned and we were concerned that there would be scars after she got better. The doctor said it would take about a week or so before she got over it and she did finally start to get better about eight days after we saw the first dots on her. I has been a couple of weeks now and she is totally over it. It was exhausting worrying about her!
While she was in the middle of this, Dakota graduated from high school, Brayden came down with an ear infection, Brookelyn got pink eye and then I got sick for about four or five days. Oh, and Ray went on a four day golf trip with friends. The day of Dakota's graduation Bradyen had a high fever from his ear infection, Brookelyn had just started taking her medicine for pink eye and looked awful, and Sasha was still covered in welts. After the kids all got better, I got some weird flu that has been going around here. I had a fever, chills, body aches, a head ache and my ears hurt. I could hardly do anything for a few days. I have never, ever been that sick. I think it must have hit me hard since I had been taking care of sick kids and not sleeping well for weeks. And I had to hurry and get better so Ray could go out of town. I know he would have cancelled the trip if I hadn't gotten better. Luckily, I started to get better the afternoon after he left. Anyway, we are all better and happy to have it be healthy again.
Dakota graduated a couple of weeks ago, which means I no longer have the hours in the car driving her to and from school. Yeah!!! It's wonderful to have that time back. It's also nice to have her home and not have her swamped with homework. She has been spending her free time reading, drawing and painting. Colton is out for the summer too and has nothing planned for the next month or so. It's so nice to actually spend time with them.
The kids and I all went down to Sea World a few days ago and had a great time. We were there from 10:00 until 7:00 and it was really fun. Everyone had fun and there were no meltdowns. Which was great since none of the little ones took naps while we were there. We saw three shows, had lunch and dinner there, saw the horses, polar bears, beluga whales, sharks, and penguins, touched the bat rays and star fish...we did a lot. We also let the little kids play in the water area for a while which they really liked. They each got to choose a animal to have made for them too. Brayden chose a polar bear, Brookelyn a killer whale, and Sasha "chose" a penguin. They liked watching them get stuffed and all three carried theirs around all day. Watching them hugging the animals throughout the day was adorable. Brayden and Brookelyn brought them to school the next day to show their friends. Cute. We bought annual passes to Sea World again so we will probably go back again in a few weeks.
A couple of days ago I watched one of my little sister's three girls for the day. It was really fun. Breadkfast, lunch and dinner was fun since it was like an assembly line getting them all their food. We all went to the pool for a few hours inthe middle of the day since we are in the middle of a heat wave here. It was really fun. Sasha LOVED being in the pool! I have brought her and Brookelyn a few times by myself and we just stay in the baby pool. That day I was able to bring them in the big pool. I put Sasha on the edge of the pool and helped her jump in while I held her hands. She loved it and wanted to do it again and again. It's a little tricky since Brayden doesn't wear water wings anymore, but certainly isn't a strong swimmer yet and so I have to really watch all three little ones.

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Michelle said...

You poor family!!!! I hope you are all on the mend now. It looks like you had a GREAT time at SeaWorld! Looks like fun!

Stay healthy!!!!!!

~ michelle z