Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where is the time going?

I have been so busy lately. I thought I would have much more free time after my oldest daughter moved to college. I certainly have a lot less driving. I don't know what I do all day, but I feel as if I am racing around all day. A lot of people have asked me what it is like to be raising five kids. I would have to say that I have no free time. Not a minute in a day. Really. There are always so many things to do that I can neer just sit down and read or watch a movie. I always have to be doing at least two things at once or I fall behind. Just doing the shopping, cooking for, cleaning up after, bathing, dressing...for three children under four takes A LOT of time. I do laundry constantly. And I have to say that I love it. I admit I would love to watch a little tv without feeling guilty or paying for it later when my house is a mess or the laundry isn't folded and put away. I could relax a little. I get the concept of it, I just can't do it.
And I can't say no to any new project that I am into. I just volunteered to be in charge of the book orders for Brayden and Brookleyn's preschool classrooms. I love looking at children's books. I did the book orders for my older children's classrooms years ago and really liked it. I am the president of the PTO at the school as well and that can take up a lot of time. We do teacher's luncheons, food drives, jog-a-thons, staff the library...and since the PTO is usually pretty small, I usually wind up doing most of it myself. But I want to be involved at the school as much as I can and I like doing it.
I started working with my husband, who is a lender, at his office as well. I am doing marketing for his company. My intention was to do marketing, but every day that I am there he turns over some new project to me so he doesn't have to do it. I actually really like working. I love feeling as if I have gotten something done at the end of the day. I also started posting a lot of the girl's baby clothes on the internet. That takes up more time than I had thought, but is kind of fun. And it is making piles of clothes dissapear.
Sasha is really changing the last couple of weeks. She wasn't feeling well last weekend and I kept her home for a few days. I think she was just teething, getting her molars in. She is always on the move. Dancing, getting into the pantry to open boxes of food, opening our wine cooler(where we store water bottles) to spread all the water bottles around the room, climbing up the outside of the staircase, tearing apart piles of FOLDED laundry, pointing to the door so she can play inthe little girl. She still isn't talking much. She only really says, "Momma," "Daddy," and "more." She has started trying to repeat us if we are persistent. Sometimes she will, a lot of times she won't. She definitely wants to be able to get me to understand her and is really good at communicating with me without words. I have a feeling she will start learning more words so she can get what she wants more quickly. She is very smart. The other day I said to her,"Sasha, put your pacifier away and let's go to class," while we were in the office of her school. She got down from the chair she was sitting on while coloring, tried to push it under the table (Montessori), took her pacifier out of her mouth, put it in the carrying case for it attached to her lunchbox, picked the lunchbox up and walked to the door. It was pretty amazing. I had just been talking to her, not really expecting her to do anything. The people in the office were shocked. I just pretended she always did amazing things like that and we walked to her class. She used to stop at this corner on our way to her class and hide behind my legs while looking around them for big trucks. I guess it is usually delivery time at a veternarian's office when we go by. Now she stands next to me, looks for the truck and then waves as it goes by. Big difference. She doesn't cry when I drop her off in her classroom, she just waves goodbye to me.
She is still very small for her age, especially for how often she eats. I can't say for how much she eats, because I can never really tell how much she eats and how much is around the chair under her. She eats with a spoon and fork and has been for months. Anyway, she is just growing out of 6-12 month clothes, but 12-18 months are huge on her. I bought her a bunch of new clothes. Brookelyn must have been her size in the summer, because I don't have a lot of pants and long sleeved clothes in 12-18 months. It's hard to figure out how many cold weather clothes we need here, because we have had winters with a couple of kind of cold months, but lately it seems like we have only had kind of cold weeks. You never really know how to dress them. Uh oh, it's 12:30 am and someone just woke up.


Anonymous said...

You have been busy! Glad the kids are doing well.

Catherine said...

You ARE one busy mom :) I am sure, like me, you wouldn't change a thing!! Glad to hear they are all doing so well!!!