Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cute kids

Sasha and Brookelyn both woke up at 6:00 am this morning. I hate 6:00 am. I really wouldn't mind it as much if they would lay onthe couch and watch tv quietly. Brookelyn and Brayden will, but Sasha has to eat. She wants to eat as soon as she wakes up and all through the day until she goes to bed. This morning she ate a piece of string cheese, scrambled eggs, a piece of raisen bread, and a small bowl of cereal. When we got to her class she opened her lunch box and wanted to eat part of her sandwich before chosing work. She is no longer painfully thin anymore, but she is still thin and probably always will be. I do think she may have an eating issue. I am hoping she grows out of it as she gets older and sees that she has fod available whenever she wants it. Right now she is always getting into the pantry and eating pretzels, cereal, crackers...and the last week or so she has been getting Brayden and Brookelyn to open the refrigerator for her. It is very fun to watch the three little ones have conversations, especially Brookelyn and Sasha. They have started playing dress up together and they both really like it. Sasha always wears a pink poodle boa and carries a dog purse. Brookelyn wears princess dresses and takes care of some doll or stuffed animal. They also like to dance, color, and play with play dough together. But their favorite thing is going through closets or drawers together. It doesn't matter whether it has locks or inaccessable. They are in it and carrying whatever they find to the opposite side of the house. After four days of rain and trying to get everyone healthy by staying home and relaxing, my house was a wreck. Luckily I knew it was useless to really clean until the weekend was over so it didn't make me crazy.

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