Monday, February 2, 2009

Sasha has clothing issues

Sasha has decided that she doesn't want to wear diapers. Ever. She will take off her pants, take off her diaper, and then put her pants on again. Or she will just pull off all of her clothes and run around naked. Luckily it has been pretty warm here lately, but there are dangers to her not having a diaper on. They all involve me cleaning messes I don't want to clean off of the floor, couch, bed, rug...WHen I try to put her diaper back on she says, "No, Mamma!" with such a desperate sound that I feel awful when I put them back on. She will run from me and struggle while I do it. At first I just put the diapers on backwards to see if that would fool her or at least get her to loose interest in it. That diaper lasted about a second longer on her than the others. Finally my husband suggested we try to start potty training her instead of fighting it. I talked to her teachers today and they seem willing. They know that she has a strong personality and does things on her own timeframe. Two weeks ago we stopped giving her a bottle. I know, she as too old to be drinking from a bottle. But I had read that babies who were adopted should not be weaned from the bottle at 12 months. We gave her the formula for 9-24 months so she would get nutrients. I know she is supposed to give up the bottle and eat more, but she eats a lot. She was really thin until about six weeks ago though. Anyway, we just didn't give her a bottle for a few evenings and then one morning we stopped that one as well and she was done. She never cried for it, which amazed me. Last week while I was at a meeting for Colton's track and field team, Ray put her to bed without a pacifier. He said she went to bed without a problem. So that night I collected all of the pacifiers around the house and threw them out. I was nervous all the next day that she would have a hard time going to sleep at school, but they said she went to sleep without a problem. So now my baby doesn't use a bottle or pacifier. Kind of great and kind of sad. I think she talks more now. She really only used the pacifiers when she slept (or it seems when I took pictures of her since she seems to have had one in her mouth for a lot of pictures). Maybe it is just that she seems older to me now. She does ask for more things. Today she asked me to put on Dora. Luckily we tivo'd (?) several of them because she was pretty adamant and I was pretty tired at 6:00 am. I hate 6:00 am. Sasha is always full of energy and fiesty or funny and I am a bleary eyed mess. She wants me to feed her and play with her and I want her to sit on the couch with me, watch tv, and eat dry cereal and string cheese until the other kids wake up. Neither of us win. Well, lately she wins because I can't be relaxing on the couch while she runs around naked so I eventually get up. Did I mention I hate 6:00am? Right now it is 12:17 am, and she is upstairs power sleeping so she can wake me up in less than six hours. I should go to bed, but I am a night person and always have a few things I need to do before I go to bed. I am doing laundry, bills, emailing about the Preschool Information Night I am running tomorrow night, making work for Brookelyn's class, orgainizing paperwork, and writing in this blog. How can I fall asleep with so much to do? My days race by and I never get as much done and I need and want, so I seem to sleep less and less. Is that my age or personality? It has to be age because I was great at sleeping when I was younger. I loved to sleep in. Or spend the day in bed reading.
I took Brookelyn to the doctor for her three year check up last week. She is 29 inches and 29 pounds. What a sweet girl with her blonde hair and big brown eyes. She was so happy to be there. She really likes going new places and meeting people. She says hello to everyone we see until they say it back. She is in a very big princess, pink and purple, my little pony, and dress up age. She has a great imagination, is very sweet, soft, and nurturing to her toy animals, dolls and Sasha, and is such a great little girl. Every night after we read books and I am rocking her she says, "Mommy, you're the best in the whole wide world." Where did she learn that? She will play with her daddy, do fun things with him, and cuddle with him, but if she is hurt, sad or tired, she wants her Mommy. How great is that? And she has another great quality. It doesn't always seem great and I knwo it will make me crazy in the future, but she is never in a hurry. She enjoys everything around her without racing or hurrying one little bit. She even runs a little side to side and up and down as if getting wherever she is going is not important. It already drives me crazy in the morning when it takes her ten times as long as Brayden to get ready. It's not that she can't do it quickly, it is because she is focused on whatever she is doing or singing about. Luckily I can see it is a good quality to have even when I am late.
Sasha is more like Brayden. It is surprising to me how much they are alike. Brayden used to wake up very early when he was younger, they are both really smart and funny, they are very active, both are thin, both have very strong wills, both can be sweet and cuddly, both of them love playing with balls and's a lot of things. They both do things to make the other one laugh and have a great time together. When Sasha plays with Brookleyn she is calmer and quieter.
I better finish this later. It is 12:30 am and I still have a lot to do before I go to bed.

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LauraPBS said...

Hey Stacey-

Olivia does it too! She saw her brother change clothes for basketball downstairs once and decided that stripping looked like fun. She even accidentally pressed her naked little tushie against the glass of our front door for the world to enjoy! Crazy girl - she is strong willed, too, just like Sasha. Hope we can get them together some time!