Thursday, June 25, 2009

My kids

Sasha is twenty six months old now and is amazing! I brought her and Brookelyn to get their hair cut the other day. While we were waiting the girls found several purses that they wanted to buy. Sasha and Brookelyn were each wearing two or three of them as they walked around looking at other things to buy. The purses were filled with things like lip gloss, pretend make-up, nail polish...Brookelyn asked me if we could buy them. Every now and then when the kids want to do something and I don't want to, I put them off with, "I'll talk to Daddy and we'll see." It is really my way of saying no, but since they are so young and don't really care that much about whatever it is they are asking for, it is a good solution. If I say "no," there will be at least one child having a huge meltdown. Anyway, after Brookelyn asked me if we could buy the purses, Sasha put her hand on my arm and said, "Call Daddy?" How smart is that?
I have been getting up with her a lot in the morning because she cries for me if Ray gets her. Today she cried to the point that I thought she was going to throw up. I try to let him spend time with her so I am not always coming in and taking over, but I can't handle it when she really cries. I usually stay up late getting things done and Ray falls asleep a few hours before me. It would be great if they could hang out in the morning, but it rarely happens. Even if she doesn't cry, she will sneak away from him and come looking for me. It is very sweet, it would be even sweeter if I was a morning person.
At night after I read Sasha four books in the rocking chair, she turns off the light with the remote (she has to do it), and then we rock and sing in the dark. She tells me what she wants me to sing ("Baa" for "Ba ba, Black Sheep," "twinkle" for Twinkle, Twinkle," and "itsy" for "Itsy, Bitsy Spider"). I sing and she always tells me to sing quietly (I have to sing in a whisper) or she will say, "Brookelyn sleeping." Sometimes she sings with me and she knows most of the words to the songs. She learned how to count to ten last week and counts things we see in books.
Brookelyn has been very emotional the last few days. She is either singing and dancing or crying about something. Yesterday she had four meltdowns from the time I picked her up from school to the time we got home. The first time was because her graham cracker had a corner that wasn't perfect. The second time was because she didn't want to watch the same movie in the car that Sasha and Brayden wanted to watch. I have no idea what the other two times were about because I had to block it out so I could drive us home safely. When we went out to dinner at our local food court later she threw a napkin on the ground for no reason. I told her she had to pick it up (it wasn't the first thing she had thrown down) and it took her about three minutes to do it. I mean, she moved her body so slowly that you could hardly see that she was moving because she just didn't want to do it. Luckily, it was just her and I for awhile so I had time to follow through and I sat and watched her as she did it. It looked like some acting piece because she was so dramatic. She is usually very happy and sweet, and is usually amazingly easy. Her teachers love her and think everything she does is wonderful.
The basketball team Brayden was on had its last game. I liked going on Sunday mornings because it got us up and out early. He got exercise and really had fun. I think we are going to take a little break before we sign him up on another team. We have the next three Saturdays without swim meets, which is great. He still has practice four days a week, which he really likes. I also bring him to play basketball on some Friday and Saturday evenings, which he loves. I love the coach and again, it gets Brayden moving.

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