Thursday, June 25, 2009

Angels Game and potty training

We had a great time at the Angel's game. We cooked out in the parking lot, the kids played catch and Ray and I took turns bringing Sasha to the bathroom. She had decided a few days before that to stop wearing her diaper. I was planning to wait until after the 4th of July to potty train her. I was planning spending a week hanging out at the house training her. She has been trying to stop wearing diapers for the lst couple of months. She was constantly taking them off and we would have to put it on her again. The Sunday before the game, June 29th, she took her diaper off again and again. Ray didn't know what she was doing with the diapers so he kept putting new one on. I looked out the back door and there they all were. It didn't seem fair to keep her in diapers if she so clearly was ready to be finished with them. So I got the potty chair out and she and I talked about it. She would only sit on it for three seconds or so in the beginning, but she got better and only made on mistake that day. I was in the middle of a project at work, so I had to bring her the next day. I brought her in underwear. I brought a bunch of pull ups with me for nap time and several new pairs of underwear. I was shocked when I picked her up and she was wearing the same pair of underwear. No mistakes! She didn't have any mistakes at home or at school all week! It did mean that we went to the bathroom a few times in the parking lot of the Angel's game, but she only asked to go once during the long game. She had one pee pee accident by the kiddie pool outside my mom's house on the fourth of July, but otherwise she has been dry! I would say we are surprised, but she has been ready for awhile. She has been dry the last three or four nights, but I am keeping the diaper on her for awhile. I do not want to be changing her sheets in the middle of the night. She is only two years and three months old (today), so it's early to be potty trained at night time. Her teachers aren't surprised by how easy it was, she is really smart and was clearly ready.
Sasha also started talking a lot more in the last few weeks. Now she says a ton of things and we can have conversations with her. Yesterday afternoon we heard the ice cream truck in our neighborhood. She ran up to me and said, "Ice cream man, mommy." I paused for a couple of seconds. I love running to get ice cream with them, but we had just eaten popsicles. She put her hands in her pockets and then pulled them out and said to me, "No money, mommy." Then she ran over to the corner and grabbed a nickel that had been laying on the floor and ran with it over to me. She then started running around showing me where she knew other coins were. I would have bought her some ice cream after that, but our ice cream guy really has no desire to sell ice cream. He races through our neighborhood so quickly you have to be armed with money and at the door to catch him.

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