Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I have a job

A couple of months ago the owner of the Mont#ssori school that Brayden, Brookelyn and Sasha attend asked me if I wanted to come back to work as the director of the school. I had worked there for almost nine years when Dakota and Colton were younger and both had gone through eighth grade there. It is a great school. I had been volunteering there and had been the PTO president for five years, but hadn't thought about going back. She offered to let me work three or four days a week. How great is that?! It is the perfect job for me. I drop off my kids in each of their classes and then start working and pick them up as soon as I get off. I was actually told I could work much shorter hours then I am working now, but I have a hard time leaving every day because there is so much to do all of the time. The hours fly by every day. I really, really like the job. I repainted my office and added a ton of art work all over, which I love. I get to spend time with the teachers and parents and I see my kids all of the time. Brayden walks by my desk on his way to cooking class or computer class and I stop in to see Brookelyn fairly often. I can't let Sasha see me yet during the day or she will want me to take her. It will be easier when she gets older. All three really like school.
I am exhausted though. I still have all of the errands and chores I used to have, but none of the time to get it done. My house is usually a mess and I never sit down. Really. I go to bed really late and get up early. I practically lived at the school the weekend before school started getting it ready and have spent many evenings there for Back to School Nights for elementary students or my kids. I have also had to go to Colton's school a few times for Back to School Night, College Night and a meeting with his high school counselor about colleges. I have a crazy schedule. I started a few days before I brought Dakota to Chicago to college. Did I say I am tired? I am tired.
I am happy though, and so far, if I let go of being upset about the way the house looks, things are really good. I am posting less, which is a bummer. I am really happy that my little ones get to go to a private school that I am at since right now the public schools around here are really struggling because of all of the cuts. I am trying to make sure I am still paying attention to my kids in the morning and after I pick them up in the afternoon. I just started taking lunch breaks last week because I was trying to get things organized at work. Now that I am taking lunchbreaks, I try to run errands during them. My refrigerator is pretty bare right now. Ray has been doing most of the packing of lunches, which is great. I do not like making lunches. Speaking of lunches, I better go make tomorrow's. Ray is out and it looks like it is my turn...


Anonymous said...

This is groovy news. I hope it goes well.

Kim and Rich said...

Which day do you take off? My in-laws are in town for 2 weeks and I want to meet you for lunch or just spend the day doing girl things. let me know.