Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Presents

My mother-in-law sent the kids a package right before Thanksgiving. As soon as they started opening it, they all shreiked, "Bubble wrap!" Even Sasha. They tore out the sheets of bubble wrap and each started furiously popping them. The bubbles were pretty big, so they put on their shoes and jumped on them to pop some of them. They had such a great time! After about five minutes or so, they ran out of bubble wrap. I asked them if they wanted to see what their grandma had sent them, since they seemed to have forgotten about the package itself. They liked the books and stuffed animals, but not as much as the bubble wrap. The writing all over Sasha's face is from Brookelyn helping her put "make-up" on. (with a sharpie-it was also all over her back and legs). She looked at me when I asked her what was on her face and said, "I big, Mommy. Like you. I wear make-up." How am I going to get upset over a little sharpie that only lasts a couple of days.

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Kim and Rich said...

All I can say is that whenever you show up for our lunch dates, your make up look like Sasha's.

Just kidding...too adorable. I stopped Owen from writing his name on Dash one time. Owen saw me use a sharpie to write his name on his clothes for school.