Monday, October 20, 2008

Bad haircut and then after fix-it haircut

I had Sasha's hair cut at a place in the mall. Not a cheap place and one where they advertise for kids. The lady quickly cut Sasha's bangs straight across. They are soooo short. Luckily I had only wanted her bangs cut or who knows how bad it would be. When I brought her home it looked crazy. I took her back to the place we usually go the next day. It's expensive, but it is ONLY for kids and we have liked the way they cut the girls hair EVERY TIME they do it. Why do I keep having to relearn that lesson? The first three pictures are the evening she got the bangs cut badly, the second two are after we had her hair cut again.


Dawn said...

What a cute little bob though!!

Catherine said...

WHEW!! Thank goodness you got it fixed!! That face could carry off anything, though!! I have learned that lesson too many times....there is something about Asian hair-it is so stick straight and very difficult to get make it even - especially on a squirming 2 year old!!!! Bella and Sasha's hair is identical...I like the bob!

Michelle said...

Love the new 'do!!!! :) And thanks for sharing the updates on the kids, and the beautiful photos. Your family is gorgeous, and I never tire of telling you that!! :)

Michelle & Maelie