Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I turned 44

I turned 44 the other day. It was actually a really good birthday. I ran around doing errands during the morning and then brought the kids to a Halloween party in the afternoon. Brookelyn dressed up as a fairy princess ballerina girl. Mostly she wore a lot of pink, a tiara, fairy wings, and a tutu. She LOVED it. Sasha wore a dark pink leotard with a pink tutu and looked adorable. Brayden dressed as Superman. He has never watched the show, but it was what he chose when we went out looking for costumes. A lot of our friends were at the party, which was held outside at a local park. The kids could do crafts, eat, play in the playground, or play whatever game the mom's were doing. It was very fun. It helped that Ray went and so did my son, Colton. So that meant I could actually talk to other people instead of racing around after all three which is what happens a lot. Sasha spent a lot of the time eating, Brookelyn did the crafts and Brayden stayed on the playground. We were all pretty tired when we came home, which was nice too. The kids were all fine about going to bed.
The next day I got to sleep in until 8:20! Usually, I am up between 6:30 and 7:00, so I was pretty happy. We all went to the park to watch Brayden's soccer game. We love Saturday mornings because the park his games are at is huge. I can let the girls run around without worrying at all about them being too close to the road or any danger. One Saturday we most of the time rolling down a hill. The only thing was that we went to a 9:30 game and it was really hot. Really, really hot. We are ready for cooler weather! Brayden is a great athlete and really gets what he is supposed to be doing so it is fun to watch him play. Since he is playing with kids who are four and five, a lot of them don't really get it. Some aren't sure which goal to kick the ball into, some keep running over and picking up the ball, some are mostly there to look for bugs on the field and some won't even get on the field. Most of the time he is doing the right thing and trying to make goals or playing goalie. Other times he becomes karate guy or some other silly thing and the other boys quickly follow his lead and then there are a field full of boys kicking at the air instead of the ball. It is fun to watch, whatever is happening. What I am really looking for is for him to be running around getting exercise. I love watching my kids run around outside or swim the pool. We play in our back yard a lot, but being at a park is much more fun.
That afternoon, Brayden and I met one of my sister's and her three girls and we saw High School Musical 3. It was all fun. Planning the day, hanging out talking and waiting in line for 45 minutes before the show, the movie itself...very fun. When the movie was over my mom and older son each met us at a nearby restaurant for dinner. It was loud and really fun. Then we went back to have cake at our house. Ray, Brayden, Brookelyn and Sasha made me the cake. Very sweet. And it tasted good. Ray was planning on bringing Brookelyn and Sasha to meet us for dinner, but it had been a long day and they were a mess. As much as I wanted them to be there with me for my birthday dinner, I knew it would be too much for them since it was later than we had thought by the time we got there. Overall, it was a great day. Plus, I got a lot of phone calls and cards from friends and a really sweet card from my other sister and her family. Colton gave me a nice card and something so I can play my ipod in my car. Of course he knows he is the one who is going to have to download new songs to my ipod. I love having teenagers! My older daughter will be coming home from college next weekend to celebrate Halloween with us, so I didn't have to be sad missing her. Ray and I have been married long enough for him to know that it is better for me to be with him when "he" picks out my gift. I want a really nice watch, but haven't had time to check them out yet.

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