Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Open House Nights

Last week was really busy with school, swimming and Open House. Brayden had been playing baseball twice a week for several months. I was the team mom and had fun. I am very glad it is over though. It was hard to watch the games while watching the two little girls. Also, Bradyen started on a local swim team a couple of months ago and he has practice from 4:00-5:00 four days a week. His swim meets start this weekend. It sounds like a lot, but it is just the way baseball and swim teams work. He will probably be on both for years and they will over lap for several weeks. I did it years ago for my older kids too. I don't really know how long we will keep him playing baseball, but I want him to to be on a swim team for a long time because it is such great exercise. Brayden also plays on a basketball team on Sunday mornings. Again, it sounds like a lot, but Brayden has a ton of energy and either we bring him someplace where he plays on a team, we play some ball game with him at our house, or we bring him to a park. He needs to get out an move his body or he starts acting out. I have found that our lives and house are a lot calmer and happier if he is involved in physical activity most days of the week. None of my other kids have this need, but it works for him. I go out and shoot baskets with him pretty often, but our basketball hoop is in front of our house and it is hard to do it and have it enjoyable with the little girls. We don't have very many cars going past our house, but it's still stressful. The swim team has been great. Brayden started out only being able to swim about twenty yards and now he can swim the length of the pool and is learning to dive. He really likes it. Some days I just bring him and some days I bring the girls too. There is a baby pool right next to the one Brayden is in. Brookleyn and Sasha love it. Sasha doesn't really understand why she has to wear her swimsuit in the pool and tries to take it off every chance she gets. She took it off once a couple of days ago and said, "No, THANK YOU!" as she threw it several feet away.
We went to Open House for each of their classes last week. The first night was for Brayden's classroom. I had dropped the girls off at home so Ray and I could focus on him. It was a really nice Open House and he showed us pink level (phonetic language program), a insect naming game, the broad stairs work, his workbook, and an insect labeling work. Then we all went out to dinner befoer we went home. The next day I brought all three to the pool and didn't have time to drop Brayden off at home so I brought all three to Open House. First we went to Sasha's. SHe LOVED having us there. She kept a tight hold of my hand or an eye on me the entire time. If I moved an inch she jumped for me. But she chose several pieces of work to show us and definitely seemed to get that that was the idea. She got the cutest expression on her face when she first realized we would be staying and watching her work. It was a little proud and kind of embarrassed look. Brayden and Brookelyn chose work from the shelves and kept themselves occupied. After about a half hour, the teacher read a book and they sang a couple of songs and it was over. We then went to Brookelyn's room. Brookelyn chose apple cutting work, bead stringing work (she made herself a pink and purple bracelet), and tea party work. It was really nice to have them show us what they liked to do in their classrooms.
I forgot the camera the first night, but have pictures of Brookelyn and Sasha's classrooms.

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