Wednesday, May 27, 2009

San Diego WIld Animal Park

Dakota and I brought the kids down to the Wild Animal Park today. It was a great day, not too hot. I know we only have a few weeks left before public school ends and places get too crowded. We rarely go to amusement parks or the zoo during the summer. We have to hurry to get a few more fun things in before the end of June. Anyway, it was a really fun day. There is a fun exhibit on Dinosaurs there now. I think there are 20 robotic dinosaurs. They look very real, move and make sounds. We thought Brayden would love it, but that the girls might be scared. Brayden was scared and wanted to leave pretty quickly. Sasha got scared a couple of times if she heard Brayden saying he didn't like it. But Brookleyn was fine and even went up to a couple of the dinosaurs and pretended to feed them. Brayden kept asking Dakota if dinosaurs eat meat and if we are made of meat. He knows enough to be scared. I have to admit, they were pretty realistic. One of them even spit water out and got me as I walked by. As I took a picture of one I actually thought, "I hope this thing doesn't come to life and attack me." So, I understood Brayden feeling that they were a little too real for him. We did get a chance to see all of them and put stamps in a book for each one of them, which they all liked. We then saw the lions, elephants, took the tram ride, had lunch, let the kids play in the water area (thanks for telling me to bring suits, Kim), let the kids each buy a stuffed animal, fed the lorikeets nectar, and watched the gorillas for awhile before the park closed and we went home. There weren't many people there today, which was great.

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