Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Later Wednesday, Oct 3

Sasha and I hung out in the room again waiting for a call from the coordinators from our agency or the Embassy. I did get a call from the man who we had our first appointment with at the agency. He had given us a card with his name on it during our first appointment and told us to call if we had any questions. He also had told us then that they would call the agency cordinators when Sasha's paperwork cleared, but if there was a problem they would only be able to tell us, not the coordinator. Which is why I called after 6 days of waiting. Anyway, the man told me that he did not know why Sasha's paparwork was taking so long. He said he knew that she was from Lang Son and there was no investigation being done at Lang Son. He said they were investigating Thai Nguyen. He told me he would call HCMC and find out what is going on with my paperwork and I should call him tomorrow between 8:00-9:00. I asked if I could get an appointment tomorrow if the paperwork came in. He said it would depend on what time it came in since they had to process it.
My visa is going to expire in three days. I called Martin to ask what to do about it and he told me to talk to the people at my hotel who would do it for me. I talked to one of the women there who told me if I turn my passport in it early tomorrow morning I SHOULD have it back Friday late afternoon. I need my passport for my second interview at the Embassy, which I still don't know when that will be. This feels like a game where I don't know the rules and the only ones who do speak in another language or broken English.
So that is how my day has been, except for one fun thing. Sasha has been getting up on her hands and knees for the last week or so. She is a very active little girl. Today I walked into the kitchen to get her a bottle and when I walked back she was almost in a sittng position-all by herself. I managed to get a couple of pictures before she toppled over. We had fun spending time together today. She is such a cute and happy baby.


Michelle and Peter said...

She is so cute. The second picture looks like she is ready to take off. I hope you get the paper work done so you and Sasha can catch a plane home.


Karey said...

Seriously, can she be any more beautiful!!!????

Sue said...

Hang in there Stacey! I'm sorry your paperwork has hit a snag, and I hope everything gets straightened out very soon. Sasha looks like quite a sweetheart!