Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wednesday, October 3

Want to hear something funny? Yeah, me too.
I called the Embassy today several times. What is amazing here is that someone answers and they are nice. Every time! I with the same Vietnamese woman I saw yesterday when Sasha and I went down there. I called yesterday afternoon and left a message and then called again this morning. I told her that I thought my case was being included with a group of others from my agency. The orphanage where they got their babies is under investigation. It sounds bad, but it really isn't from what we heard at the Embassy. It is just something they do every now and then to make sure things are being done legitimately. Unfortunately it can slow down approval for up to a week. So if I am included in their paperwork (actually, if Sasha's paperwork is included) we could be delayed for several more days. Which is a problem obviously, especially since the hotel is fully booked next week so we would have to move to a new hotel.
So Sasha and I were about to head down to the Embassy again when I got a call from Martin, one of our Vietnamese coordinators. He told me he thinks my paperwork has taken too long and I should call the Embassy. Hmmm....good idea. I explained that I had called and been to the Embassy and that I thought HE should go to the Embassy and help figure this out. He said he would call them and call me back. Nice guy, but I don't have much confidence in his helping out any. As soon as we hung up I got another call. It was the lady from the Embassy calling me back! Within a half hour. She said that she had spoken to Don (the guy we had our first appointment with last week at the Embassy) and he said my paperwork was not included in the investigation (I think he is the one doing the field work and investigation) and that I didn't need to come down to the Embassy. I should just call back at 1:30 pm today. She told me the paperwork comes from HCMC throughout the day. I asked if I could have the visa processed the same day as my second appointment since it was taking so long. She said they don't do that. I know they can and have, but I didn't want to push that yet. So I am waiting. I plan to call back at 1:30 pm and then go there to see if I can meet with Don or another American and see if they will call HCMC and get them to move the paperwork.
In the meanwhile I am kind of stuck in the room waiting for a call from the Embassy or Martin. So, I thought I would show you some things I had made and a couple things I bought. All of the jackets were made at the store Phuong Anh-Shop (56 Hang Hom). The jacket for me (dark pink with black lining) was $30, the vests for Brookelyn and Sasha cost $10 to make, the pink ones for the girls cost $10 each and the velvet ones with toggles for the girls were $13 each. You choose the style and fabric and she makes them for you in a couple of days. They are so soft and so pretty!
The frogs and other thing are instruments I bought at a store in the Old Quarter right around the corner from the Hgoc Ngoc Hotel. I will add the address when I find the card. The large frogs cost $1 and the little ones cost $.50. The other instrument cost $3.00. I know the kids will like them. Besides, I didn't have enough stuff to bring home.
I better go and start waiting...

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Karey said...

Good news! And again, Good shopping. You are the shopping queen. I can't wait to follow in your footsteps :)