Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday, Oct 2

Sasha and I had a quiet day today. We made it out to go to the Embassy to ask about our paperwork. They said it wasn't there. It was supposed to take 4-6 days to clear and today is the sixth day. It was a little discouraging that they didn't have any idea when they would get them paperwork. I asked them to call HCMC (where the paperwork is getting processed) and they said they don't do that. They just wait until they get it and contact me. We went back to the hotel and stayed there. It was nice relaxing and spending quiet time with Sasha. She slept a lot. When she is awake she is very alert and wants to move. She started getting up on her hands and knees a couple of days ago. She only lasts for a few seconds but then gets back up again. When I hold her she wants to see everything. There are mirrors in the elevator and she loves looking at herself in them. Today one of the waiteresses wanted to hold her. I noticed Sasha didn't smile at the lady and when the lady turned around and Sasha saw me she got a big smile on her face. It was great to see!
I am hoping to get a call tomorrow from the Embassy. I like this place, but it is time to go home.

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