Friday, April 25, 2008

Great week with Sasha

Sasha and I have had a great week. I took her back to get her hair cut again. I found a place that is way too expensive, but does a great job. I was trying to grow the sides of her hair out, but it didn't look right. So the woman cut it into a more feminine cut. It is adorable! She is so, so cute! We went next store to a Japanese restaurant afterwards where so got a ton of compliments. She was sitting in the highchair calmly eating whatever I fed her. Neither of those things is her normal behavior. She springs right up in whatever high chair she is in usually. Seat belt or not, she can squirm her way out of every high chair we have put her into. She also does not usually eat that well either. This dream baby thing she had going didn't last long. Within five minutes she was trying to stand up in the high chair and she opened her mouth and most of the food I had been giving her was still in her mouth. Oh well. She did actually eat a little and it gave me enough time to eat most of my food. We then walked down to the store Right Start. She played with the toys while I found a few things I had been wanting. I bought her a sippy cup, more bibs, a water/sand table and a blanket to use at the park. It was a fun day.
Today she and I drove up to Westminster. There is an area that has a lot of Vietnamese restaurants and stores. A lady in the place I get my nails done gave me the address of a jewelry store her sister works at. She offered to go with me to the mall to make sure I got good prices. She said that she told her parents and children about me adopting Sasha and said they were all happy for Sasha and would love to meet her. I think that would be fun to meet them sometime, but I wanted to go up today and she was working. Anyway, the mall is full of Vietnamese stores with food, clothing, jewelry, toys, was really nice going there. It brought back nice memories of our time there. The people in the store had been told about Sasha and made a big deal over her. We bought a little gold ID bracelet. It is soooo cute! She touched it a couple of times after they put it on, but has forgotten it now and hasn't touched it since. It looks good on her. We also bought a few very cute little outfits for VERY good prices. We bought a couple for Sasha, one for Brookelyn and a few for some of Sasha's friends. We walked up and down the street looking at several stores before we headed back home. I wanted to eat lunch, but Sasha has a cold and wouldn't have lasted long. We are hoping to go again soon with my friend, Shere, and her new beautiful baby girl, Lana. They just got back from Vietnam on Tuesday. Once they get over the jet lag, we want to play. It'll give me a good excuse to go back and buy another bracelet I saw.
We also had to get back to pick Brayden up from school, then my older son, Colton, and get Colton to his track meet. It was a HOT day, which is fine. I am not going to complain about heat after the cold weather we have had. We stayed for a few hours and then picked up Brookelyn and headed home. Ray is out of town on a golf weekend, so it was just us. We had a nice, quiet night. I have to go to bed in a minute because we have a long day tomorrow. We are going to two different children's parties and one is pretty far away. It will be a fun day though and I am excited about it.

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It was great seeing you. Come visit me next time!