Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sasha's First Birthday

Sasha will turn one year old tomorrow. I have mixed feelings. I am definitely sad that she will not be a baby for much longer. She is so tiny and so sweet! I know one year marks a big change in her life and she will really start changing soon. She completely walks now and is starting to try to climb on different things. She still only says, "Mama," and I don't think it means me yet. She babbles and makes other adorable sounds. She waves and blows kisses. She pushes everyone's hands away very firmly if anyone tries to take her from me. She sleeps from 8:00 pm until 7:00 am every night without waking up between them. When I was out of town my husband said she slept until 8:00 am since she didn't hear an alarm clock go off. She loves playing with balls and already likes to throw them. She takes a bath with Brayden and Brookelyn and is fine with the chaos of all of it.
I keep thinking of her birth mother and knowing that this will be a hard day for her. Since Sasha was abandoned we have no way of contacting her to tell her she is being taken care of. I wish we knew who she was so we could send pictures and letters occasionally. I hope she knew someone who worked in the orphanage and found out Sasha was adopted by a family in the US. I know that when we were in Vietnam a lot of local people said she was lucky to be brought to the US. Maybe her birthmother would find some comfort in that and knowing the children are well educated here. I know education is important to people in Vietnam. Sasha has a few little mannerisms that I know are inherited and I wish her birthmother could hear about them. It is just too sad to imagine the pain she must have felt when she had to give her up and that she feels everyday. I wonder if the birthmothers know how grateful adoptive parents are for being able to raise their children.
I couldn't think of what to get Sasha for her birthday. She doesn't really play with many toys and we already have way too many. I finally decided to get her a bracelet. She was wearing one when we got her at the orphanage. We had heard that the caregivers sometimes make them for the babies. It was made out of simple beads and string. We took it off about a week after we got her because we didn't want to lose it. We want to be able to give it to her when she gets older. I never gave my other girls bracelets when they were young, but I think it will fit Sasha's personality. I wanted to get it today but Sasha had a really hard day. She is so easy going normally, but today she didn't seem to feel well. She had a fever yesterday and last night, but didn't have one today. I thought it might be that she was teething, but even tylenol didn't help. I made an appointment with her doctor tomorrow afternoon in case she isn't feeling better.


Happy Mama said...

Yes, Sasha is a lucky girl being with your family.

Michelle said...


She is SUCH a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much love to you!

~ Michelle Z