Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In Providence, Rhode Island now...

It is late, late, late here now and I need to go to bed. We stayed in a nice hotel in Philly last night. I love that city! I have never been there before and was really impressed by how nice it was and how full of art and history it is. I wanted to go to at least one museum and would have loved to have gone on a tour, but traveling is tricky with a four year old. We had driven past a Burger King that had a play area on our way to Philly and all he wanted to do all day yesterday and today was go play there. We did bring him to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, which was fun. And we had a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich for lunch at a local restaurant. We left the city around 4:00 pm and got to Providence around 11:00 pm. We only stopped to get gas once and eat once. I had rented a navigation system with my car rental and it wasted a lot of time. It directed me off of the highway about five times and then as soon as I got off it would instruct me to get back on. Once or twice it got me off he highway and tried to get me to take smaller roads. I really missed the one I have in my Honda back home! It took us longer to get here than I had thought, but we're here. We have an appointment at a college in the morning. We want to see the school and the area before we leave for Boston in the afternoon. I have friend from college we will be having dinner with and staying at her house Thursday night. Friday we are touring one more school in Boston and then gong home in the evening. I miss my kids!!!
It's hard being away from all three of them, but especially Sasha and Brookelyn. Sasha is spending the days with my mother and then Ray picks her up on his way home from work. I have called my mom and heard Sasha playing in the background. My mom says she hasn't crawled at all. Ray has sent me several video clips on my cell phone, which is great. I knew this would be hard, but I really had to bring Dakota out here to look at the schools. We have really like two of the ones we looked at so far. I didn't see the school I went to until I was dropped off there the day before I started, so I wanted her to get an idea of what they are like.
Brayden seems to be having fun. He has been great for most of the trip. He did choose to sing the entire time we met with the man in the admissions office in one school. Great. Sounds sweet, and it would have been, any other time. He sat there and sang a little too loudly the entire time. Since both Dakota and I had to be there, neither one could leave with him. Of course, he was charming right after we left the school. He has done really well considering he is so young. He really has only had a couple of melt downs and they have been right before he falls asleep.
Time for bed...

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