Friday, April 4, 2008

Sasha walks now

Sasha stopped crawling yesterday and started walking. She has been going back and forth the last couple of weeks, but I don't know if I saw her crawl even once yesterday. It's kind of exciting and kind of sad. My last baby is growing up. I also noticed yesterday that Sasha and Brookelyn really played together. Brookelyn kept getting Sasha to climb the steps with her and go into her room. They would sit there and look at books until I brought them downstairs. I think that happened two or three times. Both of them thought it was a lot of fun. I would have liked to leave them up there to play, but I can't keep an eye on them. Brookelyn has started "helping" Sasha by picking her up sometimes. Since she isn't much taller than Sasha, her picking her up means she basically pulls Sasha off the floor and then Sasha falls. She also has been feeding Sasha everything she eats. I have to really watch her. A couple of days ago she brought a stool into the pantry and reached up to get a bag of walnuts. Within seconds she was trying to hand some to "Sashi," who was right there to get some of the stash. I took a few pictures of the girls playing and one of my three little ones eating breakfast at their table. Sasha is really too little to sit on one of the chairs since she could fall off, but she loves sitting up there with them.


Ruth said...

Sasha is a doll, and so are the rest of your kids. I am at the point I wish my Sydney would walk...and be more stable...she pulls herself up on things and walks along furniture ( not very gracefully)...and falls. But I understand not wanting them to grow up too soon. Great pictures!

Michelle said...

Your children are soooo beautiful!!!!!! I just love seeing photos of the girls. They are toooooo precious together!


Ryan and Heather said...

Elia has that pink birdie top too! :)
Sasha seems so much more of a toddler than Elia though. I guess because ELia isn't walking yet.I'm sure she will be soon though!