Sunday, August 10, 2008

Riding the ponies

We asked Brookelyn if she wanted to ride a pony when we got to the park. She was really excited and told us, "I not scared. I won't cry (sounds more like fry when she says it). I won't hit the pony, I will pet it soft like this." I thought she might cry anyway though. She is only two and a half. But she went right to the woman who picked her up and put her on the pony. She has such confidence for a little girl with everything she does. We hear it from her teachers and other people that she is very confident. She even has a confident walk. It's almost as if she is strutting sometimes. And it is always surprising to me to see it when she is so little!

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Michelle said...

That is so cute! She seems like such a little firecracker. I love the photo of her on the horse! :)

~ Michelle