Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We are so busy!!!

Wow! I cannot believe how busy we are!! I get the little kids up in the morning, feed them, get them dressed, drop them off at school and then race around trying to get things done before I go pick them back up again. I feel like I am always racing from one thing to the next! My older kids leave next week for a vacation with their dad. Dakota will fly back early to get ready for school we will leave to bring her to school before Colton and their dad get back. Which means that this is the last week Dakota, Colton and I will have before she leaves. I say the three of us because I was a single mom for 7 years and it was just the three of us. I know she will be back for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I am not having an easy time with it. I am excited for her though, and I know she will love it, which makes it easier for me. Anyway, I have been trying to spend as much time as I can with them this week. We saw a movie and had lunch a couple of days ago and rented a movie and watched it at home this afternoon before I picked up the little kids. We drove down to the beach yesterday. Colton went surfing with a couple of friends and Dakota and I had lunch and then layed down and read books. It was great!! I feel a little bit like I am playing hooky when I just relax and don't get anything done, but I know I will regret it if I don't. I am making them go to a waterpark with me next week. We tried to go today, but it was packed and the lines were crazy.
We bought Colton a car. I spent a lot of time driving kids to and from school the last few years and am a little tired of it. I love dropping off and picking up the little ones, but his school is in the opposite direction and it would mean I would have to cut into the hours I could be working. Also, Colton is a very good guy. He gets good grades, is really polite, has nice friends, and is just an overall nice person. I definitely would have waited another year to get him a car if I didn't really think he would be able to handle the responsibility. I was planning to buy him a mid sized car that looked reasonable for around $6,000. Well, we went looking and fell in love with one. I think I may have wanted it more than he did. Anyway, we bought a 2001 Ford Mustang. It has 84,000, leather seats, is candy apple red and is in great condition. And it was only $4600, which I think is a good deal.
Sasha is getting used to school. She tries to shut the gate when we go through it to get to her class and cries when I leave, but they say she has a good time during the day. I have checked in on her when she didn't know it and she was fine. She starts crying as soon as she sees me when I pick her up, so I don't get much of a chance to talk to her teachers. One of them made me a book with pictures of her first week at school, which was great. I love seeing what she is doing during the day. I know she is having fun playing in the dirt, because she is filthy when she comes home. She loves playing in the dirt and sand. The school is on a little lake so they see ducks and geese whenever they are outside, which is fun too. They can bring bread to feed them, which she likes. I am so happy with the teachers she has and feel great knowing they care about her.

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