Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Healthy Again

We are finally all healthy! What a relief! I brought Sasha to the doctor a couple of days ago for her two year check up. She did not want to be in the doctor's office and kept trying to get me to leave. She kept pointing at the door and was trying to steer me toward it with her legs as I was holding her. She kept saying, "Go, mama, go." It has been a really long time since we were at the doctor's office, so I was pretty surprised. Anyway, she made it through the appointment until she got the shots and then she was MAD and sad too. She weighs 21 lbs and 1.8 oz and is 32 1/2 inches tall. That makes her in the 25th percentile for height and the 2nd percentile for weight. Since she is pretty much following the same curve, I am fine with her being so light. She has a great appetite and eats all of the time. And of all of my little kids, she got sick the least often this winter.
I have been working on her annual report. I really like doing it. I stayed up late downloading pictures of her. Unfortunately, something went wrong and I had to do it all again. I was downloading pictures of her from the last six months as well as baseball pictures of my son and a lot of the boys on his tee ball team for their yearbook. I was up LATE. Sasha woke up as I was on my way up to bed for the night. She rarely wakes up in the middle of the night. I held her for a little while and then put her back to bed. About an hour after that I heard Brookelyn cry out. I jumped up and ran in and she was still asleep. Sasha woke up again a while later and had a stuffy nose and had a hard time going back to sleep. Brookelyn woke up two more times crying out. I was exhausted in the morning!
Sasha went on her first field trip with school yesterday. We went to a small, local zoo. There are only ten children in her class and with four teachers and nine parents, it all ran very smoothly. It was a very nice, warm day and we all had a nice time. It was nice to talk to the other parents. We stayed for a couple of hours and then we went back to school and then the children had lunch and then took naps.
Sasha is starting to talk a little more each day. She surprises me with the words she knows since she is usually pretty quiet. She certainly gets across what she wants. In the morning when I drop the kids off at school she likes to go right up to the snack table and help herself in each of their rooms. My favorite thing that she does is when she puts her arms around my neck and hugs me. It is sooo sweet. She has started kissing me more often lately too. But if I take something away from her or don't let her do something she gives me a stormy look and has even hit my arm a couple of times. Overall though, she is very even tempered and very fun to be with.
I went on what I consider a mini vacation the other day. I went down and spent the day with Kim (Owen's mommy). We ate, shopped, shopped, and then ate some more. It was wonderful. I found some great deals on clothes and we even bought some new makeup. I usually just wear eyeliner, so this is a big step for me. Anyway, how nice for me to have met such a great friend while going through the adoption process!

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