Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sasha's Sick Days

I haven't posted in a while because Sasha wound up being pretty sick for several days. I noticed that she had a fever Tuesday night. The next day it was about 103 all day, which I think is pretty high. She sat on my lap ALL DAY and we watched one episode of Dora after another. She wanted to either sit on my lap facing the tv or sit on my lap facing me with her head leaning against my face or chest. It was very sweet, but uncomfortable because when she sat facing me I had to angle my body so she could see the tv. Otherwise she whimpered. Poor thing. She didn't want me to do anything besides hold her, so I couldn't even answer the phone without her getting upset. She was like that on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday night her temperature was 104.9! By that time she was sick of me taking her temperature so she screamed like crazy whenever she saw it. I called the doctor's office and they told me to give her ibuprofen, but she didn't have to come in since she wasn't limp or having seizures or some other crazy thing. Like I would have been calling them from home if she was any of those things! Anyway, they said if her temperature went down when I gave her medicine than that was a good sign. She was sick again on Friday, but her temperature was back to 103.2. I called the doctor's office again asking if I should bring her in since she had had a fever for so many days. They again said she didn't need to be seen if she wasn't displaying any of the symptoms I described earlier. I called first thing on Saturday morning and made an appointment for the afternoon. I thought she had had a fever for too many days and wanted to make sure it wasn't from an infection that could be taken care of easily. Of course, she seemed much better. I waited until half an hour before her appointment before I cancelled it, even though she seemed completely fine again. Her temperature was normal. I thought she must have finally been over it. An hour later she was clinging to me again and she had a fever! Seriously! I put her to bed and she slept through the night, which she hadn't done since Tuesday night. When she woke up Sunday she was fine and has been fine ever since. What a crazy, stressful, upsetting, exhausting week! I didn't get a thing done besides taking care of her and was sooooo tired. I am so happy she is over that and healthy again!
I have spent the last three days racing around trying to catch up on everything. Cleaning, doing laundry, returning calls, paying bills, and a million errands. I have been racing around doing all that in the daytime and then staying up late doing work for my school. The last few nights I have been up until around 1:00 am-ish. It is easier for me to get stuff done at night since I have a clean workspace and don't have to keep moving things. I have been trying to make work for the different classrooms. It is actually pretty fun and I like doing it. Each month the preschool classrooms have a different unit of study. I am working on making new work for each of the unit boxes to make them more interesting. Right now I am working on the unit boxes for art, oceanography and gardening. I have been making matching work, nomenclature work, labeling work, math work relating to the units of study...I also have been buying books, puzzles and other materials for each unit of study. It is fun but a lot of work.
A leprechaun left a pot of gold on our front porch yesterday, which the kids loved. Until it came time for only one of them to bring it to class to show their friends. Luckily, Brayden settled for putting a few gold coins in his pocket and let Brookelyn bring the pot with the rest of the gold to her class. Sasha would have put up a fight, but as soon as she saw some food on the snack table in Brookelyn's room, she forgot about the pot of gold. They had St. Patrick's Day party in her room, which the teachers were excited about when I dropped her off. Dakota and I went out to lunch with my mom and two sisters, which was nice. We are Irish and always get together on St. Patrick's Day. My mom, sisters and I all went to Ireland on a vacation when I was pregnant with Brookelyn, which was fun. What a beautiful country! A year or two before that we all went to Japan. I happened to be reading 'Scarlett' while on that trip and could not stop talking with an Irish brogue. The book is the sequel to Gone With the Wind and most of it takes place in Ireland. I think it was the jet lag (it wiped me out), the staying up late reading instead of sleeping, and the sense of being out of my element. We wound up going to an Irish Pub one night and singing. Very fun and very weird. Japan is so fast paced and high tech. The people were all so perfect. Beautiful and perfectly dressed and groomed. So stepping into an Irish pub in the middle of Tokyo was weird in itself. We sometimes confuse the trips because of the Irish brogues we talked in and the trip to the Irish pub. And I don't know if I can think of two places that were more different.
I better go to bed since it is almost 2:00 am and Sasha will be calling for me very soon. I will post pictures soon.

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Michelle said...

I hope Sasha is better now! How scary. And odd, I think, that the doctor didn't want her to come in. I hope she's finally over it!!!!!!! And, poor you....take it easy, Hummingbird! :)