Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last Day of March

It was a warm and sunny day here and I am sooo looking forward to summer. I am ready for things to slow down A LOT and to spend time outside just being. Good weather is something I have taken for granted since I have been out here in California. After this winter I will be more appreciative of it.
We went to Brayden's t-ball game on Saturday morning and then went to a Easter egg hunt and lunch at a park afterwards. It was really nice and the kids had a good time. Sasha's age group was the first to go. I was wondering if she would know what to do, even after I told her. She did. She went right to work picking them up and then sat down at the end and started eating the candy in them. I can't imagine that she remembers the Easter egg hunt we went to last year.
Brookelyn was typical Brookelyn when it was her turn to get eggs. She walked around in no hurry and only picked up pink and purple eggs. She would walk right past the other eggs or would occasionally pick one of a color other than pink and purple up and put it into another child's basket. Brayden raced around and had a great time collecting as many as he could. He actually stopped collecting eggs before it was over. He had plenty.
Sunday I was able to spend the day doing errands with Brookelyn while Ray took Sasha and Brayden to one of my neice's softball games. I was able to get so much done with just one child! I actually was able to get a lot accomplished in a few hours.
I finished the paperwork for the annual report for Vietnam. It took a lot of time to look through pictures of the last six months. It was hard to chose which ones to send, I liked so many of them. I really wanted the people who look at it to see how healthy, happy and loved she is when they look at them. It is always hard to describe her personality, growth and changes in such a small form. I am really glad we do them. I have been making an extra copy of each one and saving them for Sasha to read when she is older.
I have been doing a bunch of projects this last couple of weeks that I never seem to be able to finish. One was collecting a bunch of baby clothes, washing them and bringing them to a children's resale shop by the school. I collected them, washed and folded them, but still have to bring them to the store. One of the things I do at work is to make work for the preschool classrooms. Each month they study a different subject or unit. I have been making sure the unit boxes are full of puzzles, books, posters, and work about each subject. This last month I have been working on making work for the art, oceanography and gardening unit boxes. It's great because I like shopping for the work, enjoy making it and my kids get to use it in their classrooms. How great is that!
I bought a bunch of different things at the ocean institute last week, but haven't been able to finish making the work for the classroom. I hadn't realized how much time it took to make the different pieces of work in the classrooms until couple of weeks ago when I started. For example, I bought a bunch of rubber sea animals last week. An octopus, seal, otter, several types of sharks, stingrays...My plan was to create labeling work out of them. I first had to look up what kind of sting ray or shark each one was. Then I had to type the names down in large font, cut them out, glue them on construction paper that I have cut out so the children can learn how to label each of the animals, and then laminate the work. That one is pretty simple and easy. I made nomenclature work (identifying parts of something) last week for a whale and a shark. Each piece of work took me about a day to do. I could have done it faster, but it wouldn't have looked as good and I am still learning so it takes me longer. Anyway, it's fun, but time consuming.

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