Friday, March 6, 2009

San Diego Zoo

I had been planning on bringing the kids to Lego land a few days ago. I never tell them I am thinking about bringing them somewhere until just a little before we go-just in case. There were a couple times where I had told my older kids we were going to do something and then couldn't go for some reason. That is a lesson that didn't take me long to learn. Anyway, we were planning to go down and I found out that they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. WHAT? I asked Brayden if he wanted to go to Sea world instead and he said he wanted to go to the zoo. I hadn't been to the San Diego Zoo in several years so we went. It was great. A beautiful, sunny day. Warm, but not hot. We were there for almost five hours and really had fun. The kids made up a game of naming the animals in each area Brayden, Brookelyn and Sasha so we would all sit and watch as the monkeys (or whatever we were watching) played. If there was a fast, active one, they named him Brayden. If there was a calm, pretty one, they named her Brookelyn. If there was a baby, they named her Sasha. We saw a lot of animals while we were there. There are some great exhibits that we missed, but that zoo is big and has a lot of hills. I had a double stroller that seems to be getting heavier the older it gets. I knew it was a better idea to keep to certain areas since I had all three of them. I told Brayden we would have to come back with Aunt Jenny so she could show us around. She worked security there for years. I have been a member for years, but have gone to the Wild Animal Park much more often. Anyway, we walked around, had lunch, went to the petting zoo area, walked around some more, and then decided to go home. Sasha was really tired. She actually rubbed her eyes and said, "Home." We went into the store and I let them each chose a stuffed animal before we left. Brookelyn and Sasha chose theirs quickly, but it took Brayden almost twenty minutes to chose the right one for him. Twenty minutes doesn't sound like long unless you have just spent hours with three kids at the zoo and are now at a store trying to keep track of them. Sasha had a firm grip on a sucker and literally threw herself out of the stroller onto the ground when I took it out of her hand and put it done before we left the store. Hysterical would be a good word for how she behaved. It might not describe how loud she was and how many people stared at us as they walked by. She recovered pretty quickly though and all three slept all the way home. It is about an hour and a half from our house. It was a great day.

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Michelle said...

What a fun day!! That is the one place I want to take Maelie when it finally gets nice the zoo. I have heard the San Diego zoo is one of the best. What fun!!!! Great photos, too! :)

~ Michelle