Monday, November 9, 2009


We have been leasing my van for the last few years. It was coming to the end of the lease and we kept going back and forth about buying it. We decided on Saturday to sell it so I listed it that afternoon. I posted pictures of it last night and Ray sold it before lunchtime today. It was a little irritating moving all of my things to Ray's car and my office, until I realized that he was doing all of the work and I didn't have to do any of it. Oh, and I would be getting a new car out of it. We are planning to get a Honda Oddysey again. I love that car. Ray is really good at bargaining, so I won't even have to go to the dealership. For right now we are renting a Toyota van until we get the new one. I am really looking forward to getting a new car. The other one had a lot of miles from driving Dakota to and from her high school, which was far away. Also, this one will have the bluetooth in it, which will be great.
I love my new camera. It is a camera and also a HD camcorder. It takes great pictures. I haven't figured out how to download video yet, but I am hoping it is great too. It looks just like a camera so I can keep it in my purse. I love being able to take pictures of my kids again. Speaking of pictures of my kids...I spent half of last night on the floor in Sasha and Brookelyn's bedroom again. I don't even remember which one of them woke up first, I just know all three of us woke up on the rug again. Kind of painful at my age. These pictures are from tonight right after they went to bed. Soooo cute when they area sleeping.

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Catherine said...

We, too, have a Honda minivan and LOVE it:) It is a 2001 but still awesome. I can't imagine how nice a brand new one would be!!

Love the beds!! They all look too sweet when they are asleep--it's what they are like when they wake up that scares me!!!!