Monday, November 23, 2009

End of November

Well, we bought a new minivan that looks exactly like our old minivan. White van with tan exterior. This one does have the blue tooth, so I can talk legally while I drive, as well as the mechanical rear door opener. Both are great. Also, this one had something like nine miles and our old one had over 88,000 miles. And had been rear ended and had a ding on the side from where someone had backed into me. The car looked great for at least two days and now looks and smells the same as the other one. I love it and am very happy to have a car that I don't have to worry about the miles on for years. There are too many other things to think about.
The whole getting the girls to share a room thing has been exhausting. One or the other wakes up several times a night. I think I went into the room about fourteen times one night. I think I said I would give it two weeks and then put Sasha back into her room if it didn't work. It may be two weeks, but I am way to tired to do the math and see. Last night I went in five times. I am forty five years old, but pretty sure I look about sixty lately. Today I was trying to concentrate on something at work and just couldn't really focus. I thought I would focus better when I wasn't taking cold medicine. Then I remembered that I hadn't taken any cold medicine because I didn't even have a cold. I am tired. Luckily the girls are very cute.
I brought Brayden to swim team practice after school again today. It started at 5:15, so it was already dark. He didn't want to swim, but I didn't want him to think he could just not go to practice if he didn't feel like it. Otherwise I could see years of fighting ahead of us. I am very big on teaching kids to follow through on what they start. I told him he just had to swim one lap and we could go home. He was not happy, but he got in. Once he was in I wandered away from the pool so he wouldn't see me. He stayed in for the whole practice and I was really proud of him. He was the youngest child there by at least four years. I told him that we could stop going to practices until spring and we went out to celebrate him doing such a good job. He and I went out for dinner together. He chose In-N-Out for dinner. It was really nice just being with him. I don't even remember the last time he and I went out together. We talked about his friends, his school, and his class play. At the end he told me that we should go out to dinner together again so we could watch the employees make french fries while we talked. He is getting much easier as he gets older.

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