Saturday, November 7, 2009

New beds

Brookleyn and Sasha got new beds. Sasha learned how to get out of her bed months ago, but it has taken me a long time to get her a toddler bed. It is actually not that easy to find a nice, white toddler bed. Anyway, I ordered two so the girls would have the same ones in case they ever shared a room. I knew I wanted them to share a room some day, because I thought they would both like it. Ray and Brayden put one of them together while the girls and I were out shopping. I called my mom and asked her to meet me at a local mall to help so I could get Sasha's ears pierced. Sasha has been asking me to get her ears pierced since we had Brookelyn's done a few months ago. We went a while ago but only one person was working and they have tow people do it for younger kids. My mom lives close by, but we actually don't get to see her that much. If you are wondering why, re-read about what it is like when we eat out or leave swim practice and you will understand. After today, it may be awhile before she goes out with us again. It started out nice, she watched the girls while I bought them a few pairs of pajamas. And Sasha was fine until I paid for the earrings. Suddenly she wanted no part of it. She started saying, "My mommy, I don't want my ears pierced." I decided to do it anyway, since I knew she would start asking for earrings when we got home. She cried a little before they pierced her ears, but the worst thing was afterwards. She was upset for about a half hour. She clung to me and kept telling me her ears hurt. Even sitting down to eat with my mom didn't help, which is really unusual for Sasha. She was fine by the time we got to Brayden's soccer game, though, and has been happy about it ever since.
After the game, I took Bradyen to a birthday party and left the girls at home with Ray. While we were gone, they put together the other bed. His version is that he put together the bed and they worked as a team to take apart the house. I think that is about right. When I got home both beds were in Brookelyn's room and the girls wanted to sleep in them. I thought we could try it and see how it went. Brookelyn usually sings or talks in her room for over and hour (sometimes two hours), so it may not work. Also, Sasha gets up really early and I don't want her waking Brookleyn up. I read them a few books, let them look at books in their beds for a few minutes and then sat in the room while they fell asleep. It went well tonight, but I am sure it is because they both missed nap time today. I think we'll give it a week or two. I hope it works, I think it will be fun for both of them. Brayden is in a sleeping bag on the floor in our room tonight, which he thinks is fun. I told him he could sleep in the girl's room too (since it is Saturday night), but he wanted to sleep with us.

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