Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sasha's First Day of School

Sasha visited the class for a couple of hours on Monday and Tuesday and then started today. She was there from 9:30 to 3:00. I always make my exits short and sweet when I leave the kids, so I only heard her cry as I walked away. The first day she visited I took a long walk around in a neighborhood by the school and cried as I walked. I knew she was crying and I felt badly about it. I also know that she will love being there once she gets used to it. And that I need to get our house organized and start working. It didn't make it any easier though, and I was happy to pick her up a little while later. The teachers said she cried for a little while in the beginning and had just started to cry again before I got there. One of the teachers took a lot of pictures of her doing work and sitting at circle (and not crying) so that made me feel a lot better. The second day was hard too, but I met my mom and sister for breakfast while she was there, which was nice. I picked her up right after they ate lunch in her class. Today I picked her up after her nap while she was on the playground. Her playground is right next to Brookelyn's so they can see eachother sometimes. Brayden's class goes by her playground every so often so he gets to see her sometimes too. Anyway, Dakota and I saw her before she saw us. She was sitting on one of her teacher's laps smiling and clapping her hands. Of course, when she saw us she cried.
Several of the people at the school told me that she wasn't crying when they had seen her. It is so wonderful to have her at a place where I used to work and know everyone!
I left my camera with the teachers so they could take pictures of her throughout the day.


Dawn said...

WOW ~ She is getting so big! It is so hard to leave them when you know that are crying or unhappy. I remember the first week Abram was in daycare, he was almost 4. He cried, even though I had left him with a sitter before. It was new, but he soon learned to love it!! Hang in there Mom!!

Catherine said...

She is too sweet for words :) It must break your heart to leave her but it is the best thing for everyone all the way around. I have 9 weeks off in the summer, which seems like an eternity for mom's who work all year round, but when I have to take her back in September, my heart sinks. I know she is happy, though....and it means mommy can make money to buy her Gymboree clothes:)