Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brookelyn's Holiday Show

Last week was Brookelyn's holiday show for her preschool class. They sang several songs and then we all stayed and had a little potluck party afterwards. I didn't have my camera, so my pictures are from my sister's camera and I cannot crop them. How did I not have my camera for such an important event? Well, I had it that morning because I had taken pictures of my kids in the hallway before school. I remembered taking it to my car, but I couldn't find it before the show. I even ran out and checked again after I dropped Brookelyn off with her teacher. Nope. I asked Brayden right before I ran out to the car and he said he didn't know. So I sat back and tried to enjoy the show without worrying about losing the memory forever. Ray videoed the show, which was great. Right before it started I looked over at Brookleyn and saw that she was playing with her dress. I had planned on having her wear one of the many holiday dresses we already own. She has six older girls cousins, which is great. Brookelyn has been wearing Christmas dresses for a couple of weeks. But at Brayden's holiday show I noticed that almost all of the girls were wearing fancier dresses than we had. So on the way to the program we stopped at a store and bought one that was perfect. Black velvet at the top and a soft, off-white material on the bottom. Brookelyn couldn't keep her hands off of it and kept pulling at it. I called out to her to leave her dress down and so, of course, she pulled it over her head. It was pretty funny since it was right as the program started so everyone has it on video. She happily sang every song and smiled sweetly the entire time. And kept her dress down the rest of the program. She is a very confident little girl, but I knew that she could easily just stand there and not sing a word, so I was happily surprised. We, of course, were very proud and thought she was the most adorable child we had ever seen. She loved the entire night-singing, playing with her friends, spending time with us, her cousins, and aunt, and then going home and watching the video. It was sweet watching the program with Brayden next to me. He would look over at me every now and then and smile this sweet older brother smile when she did something funny (like her dress over her head or when she and her friend decided to sit down for one of the songs). He can be such a sweet, big brother. Anyway, great night. On the way home I asked Brayden where he thought the camera could be and that time he quickly said,'Oh, it's under my carseat. I put it there this morning." Nice.

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Michelle said...

Oh, that is too funny....the whole dress episode had me laughing...not to mention the camera!!! That is soooo a 'me' moment. :) Just substitute my husband moving it!!!!

LOVE the dress photo....