Friday, December 5, 2008


I have a rental car that I am driving while my minivan gets fixed from when I was hit a couple of weeks ago. For a few days I was driving something called a Ford Flex. It looked like a hearse to me, and I was not happy to have it instead of a minivan. But it was all they had for the weekend of Thanksgiving. After driving it for a couple of days I really started to like it. It was a nice one, with leather seats, a synch system for my cell phone, navigation, a cooler between the two middle was nice. I got so much attention from men driving that car! I seriously had men coming up to me again and again asking me about it. Anyway, I turned it in for a minivan and was immediately sorry. I got the cheapest minivan made. It's a Dodge Caravan, which I think are actually good cars, but this is the most basic model out there. I actually really didn't like it and felt a little nervous about driving it since it felt so cheap. Well, Tuesday afternoon I was dropping off a bunch of things at Salvation Army. I had been having trouble getting the sliding door to close all day. I had grabbed a basket of stuff I was dropping off with my left hand and reached in with my right hand to grab the handle and shut the door. I swung the door really, really hard so it would close. Unfortunately it shut on my right hand. I have had four c-sections and a car accident where I broke my nose and had to have 100 stitches in my face and more in my leg. But I have never in my life felt pain like slamming the door on my hand. I looked down at my hand and it was all bent and crushed. It was disgusting. The pain was so bad that I almost passed out. I had some guy at the Salvation Army drop off area get me some ice and I called Ray. I rarely get sick and almost never go to the doctor, but I knew I had broken something and had to go to the hospital. Luckily, Ray's office is only about 10 minutes away so he picked me up and drove me to the hospital, which is also close. Luckily, the emergency ward was pretty empty, so they took x-rays right away. It was awful, I just couldn't believe how painful it was. I think I have a pretty high pain level, but I couldn't handle it. They finally gave me vicaden after an hour and a half and it took 37 minutes to kind of work. I know how long it took because I could barely handle the wait. Ray had left after he dropped me off so he could pick up the kids from school. He had seen my hand so he knew it was bad. Anyway, after 37 minutes I could finally stop moaning and whimpering. I figured one pill would work because I am 98 pounds and medicine usually knocks me out. I could function after one, but it was still incredibly painful. All I could think while I was laying in the room in the e.r. was how I never wanted my kids to have to feel that kind of pain and how there people in that kind of pain everyday. Well, mostly I kept thinking, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god..." I tried to tell the doctor and nurses that I am not usually so lame and pitiful, but again, I really could hardly talk. Mosly I just layed there and waited and tried not to cry. I would make a lousy soldier.
Anyway, it turns out I do have a hairline fracture and a lot of bruising and swelling. I called Ray when I found out I found out I was being released and he brought the kids to get me. He had already told them that I was hurt and couldn't pick them up. Brayden and Brookleyn were very sweet and quiet, but Sasha was a mess. Ray never drops her off or picks her up from school and she could clearly sense something was wrong. So she cried (screamed) until I held her. All the way home she needed me to hold her foot and talk to her. I had my right arm in a partial cast and sling, was feeling nauseous and dizzy, and had to lean back as far as I could and hold her foot with my left hand and look at her. If I let go or looked away she would start screaming again. I knew she was scared so I did it all the way home.
I stayed home yesterday because I couldn't drive and really couldn't do much. You wouldn't believe how much you do with your hands. Pretty much everything of any value. I hurt my right hand and I am right-handed. I am not someone who can relax and watch tv, so staying home really wasn't fun. And my hand really hurt. It's a little embarrassing that it hurt so much, but the doctor said our hands have a lot of nerves in them so whenever we injure them it is very painful. My hand just started feeling better about an hour ago. I am pretty sure it is because I took more vicaden. Before that I couldn't type, hold a pen, wash dishes...Actually, I think the swelling is going down. My entire hand is huge and is black and blue. It's still disgusting. I have been typing this with my left hand and there are mistakes everywhere. Thank goodness for spellcheck. Bedtime. Stay away from minivan doors.


Anonymous said...

Holy Crapoli! This sounds seriously painful. Sending TLC your way!

Dawn said...

OUCH ~ I am so sorry to hear this. My husband fell on ice and broke his wrist and elbow last winter. It was painful and it took weeks of casts for it to heal. Take care and relax as much as possible.

Michelle said...

OMG!!!!!!! Stacey!!!!! I am so sorry about that!!!! My hand is literally cramping up in sympathy!!!! OUCHIE!!

Go put that hand up, Sweetie!!!!!!! DUDE!

Take care, no more accidents now!

lots of love
michelle & maelie

Kim and Rich said...

OMG, Stacey. I hope your hand heals soon! Sounds horrible!